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Women’s Winter Gloves

There is nothing worse during winter than having cold hands, and there’s no reason to have cold hands when there is such a wide variety of gloves available in many styles, colours and fabrics.

Gloves date back to at least 440BC; they are first mentioned in Homer’s The Odyssey. An early form, the gauntlet, made from leather or metal was a strategic part of a soldier’s armour. During the 13th Century, gloves began to be worn by women as a fashion garment, as we know them now and they were made of silk and linen. Queen Elizabeth I set the fashion for wearing them with great embellishment and decoration.

These days there are many different types to choose from; the traditional glove which are still very popular. Mittens, which cover the entire hand but do not have separate fingers, offer extra warmth as there is less surface exposed to the cold. Capped mittens or “glittens” offer the warmth of mittens but allow the use of your fingers for using your phone or handling money for example. Lastly, Touchscreen gloves are becoming increasingly popular as they allow you to use your phone or tablet without removing them.

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