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Choosing Girls Tights

The best way to keep your little girl warm and stylish this winter is tights. Tights can add cute detail to any outfit but still add that extra layer to keep her warm while playing or at school.

Tights are categorised by denier, which is a unit for measuring the linear mass density of fibres. For example, a single strand of silk is approximately one denier. Tights are generally available from 10 to 120 denier, where the 120 denier is the thickest as these contain most fibres per gram.

Our tights are available in cotton, which allows your child’s skin to breathe whilst also being thick enough to keep her warm. They come in different colours and patterns. Anything from plain greys and black to cute heart patterns or stripes. They can be worn with a skirt and ballet pumps or shorts and boots, they are completely versatile.

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