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Decorating Your Child’s Bedroom

Children’s rooms should be fun and comfortable. Incorporate their tastes or favourite characters into the room, but at the same time keep the décor flexible enough for when your child grows up. Here are some tips for creating a perfect bedroom:

Use colourful curtains – Curtains instantly transform the room, use bright colours as these make the room look sharper and cleaner.
• Play with toys – This adds decoration and saves on storage. Use hooks to hang large toys and add shelves to display smaller ones.
• Paint – Add prints or drawings of your child’s favourite character. If you’re feeling brave, considering painting a theme directly onto the walls, such as princesses or cars.
• Accessorise – If your child has a favourite cartoon character, buy cushions or other accessories in the range. These will help draw the room together.
• Photos – Family pictures, certificates or holiday snaps personalise the room for your child.
• Bedding – The bed is usually the focal point of the room so select your bedding to create the theme of the room. Buy sheets, pillows and duvets in bright colours that can be mixed and matched. Our bedding usually comes as part of range where matching items are available.
• Night sky – Turn your child’s bedroom into a magical galaxy with glow in the dark stars or planets. This is a good energy saving alternative to a night-light.
• Books – Include educational items such as books, charts and toys so that your child can be learning while having fun.

We have a wide range of items to make your child’s bedroom amazing.

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  • Does your child’s room need more storage? Under-the-bed bins are great for storing toys or extra clothes. A high shelf running the length of one wall can be a wonderful out-of-the-way place to display collectibles or trophies. Modular closet organizers work well in a child’s room. Lower-hanging shelves put clothes in the child’s reach and add extra storage space.

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