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Transition dressing – Winter to Spring

This time of year, it can be confusing as to what to wear, it’s not mild enough for cute spring dresses but it’s not cold enough for a really thick coat. Here are five tips for making the transition from winter to spring…

• Layer – Cotton T-shirts, light jackets are ideal when coupled with a few thin layers underneath. Then you can peel off or pile on as the weather changes. We have a wide selection of T-shirts here.
• Colour – The colour you wear can really brighten your mood. Wear white, pink or green to make a change from the greys and blacks of winter.
• Accessorise – Often the smallest detail can make the biggest difference. Wear a lightweight pretty scarf to bring some life into your outfit.
• Basics – Refresh your underwear drawer. Putting on a brand new pair of socks is great, and bin the thick pair with holes in that you have been wearing all winter. View our range of underwear here.
• Prepare – The unpredictable English weather can change at any time, so keep an umbrella with you, so when the last dregs of winter come through, you stay dry.

Refresh your wardrobe with these helpful tips and summer will be here in no time!

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