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The visit from our MP…

On Friday we received a visit from our local MP Stephen Dorrell, the conservative MP for Charnwood in North Leicestershire. The day was fantastic, Stephen arrived, was introduced to all the members of our team and then given a tour of the warehouse and offices, with Ravi, our director.

He then shared a lunch with all of our team, himself and the PR company who were helping to organise the day. He answered our questions. When asked why he became an MP, his response was “youthful indiscretion” which made us all laugh and relaxed the atmosphere. Mukesh, the buyer at Universal Textiles, asked him why he chose to visit our company, he said he had an interest in local business and it was important to see how growing business developed in the modern economic climate.

After lunch, he left after shaking everyone’s hand. He seemed genuinely interested in what everyone had to say and how the company worked. It was good to meet him and hopefully he will come back and visit us again.

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