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Choosing Baby Shoes

Babies shoes are very important. Babies feet are made up of very soft cartilage than doesn’t fully harden until they are 18 years old, and they can easily be pushed out of shape or damaged at quite a young age, so it’s really important they have the right shoes at a young age.

Babies do not really need shoes until they are walking and up until that point, booties or socks will suffice. When you baby has been walking for about six weeks, then it’s time to think about shoes. They can seem like a big expense when your baby grows out of them so quickly, and it’s important to get them measured every six to eight weeks.

When choosing your first pair of shoes, pick some lightweight and flexible with non slip soles and adjustable fastenings. View our range of baby shoes here for low cost, high quality shoes.

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  • I prefer non slip soles for my baby. I started buying shoes for my baby when he started walking, it wasn’t that easy the first time, i’m glad there are blogs like this that helps you choose the right one.

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