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Our visit from Fred Finn

Yesterday we had a visit from Fred Finn, the Guinness World Records‘ Most Traveled Man. He first became aware of the accolade in 1983 when Concorde got in touch with him about the number of tickets he had been buying. He has traveled 15 million miles and has visited 139 countries, he was on the very first Concorde and the very last. He has met a few famous faces on Concorde such as Paul McCartney, Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash.

The reason for him traveling was work at first, he held jobs at international licensing companies and traveled to broker deals in the days before email. He now spends his days in the Ukraine with his wife, where he enjoys the food, people and outdoor life.

He met with our director Ravi, and went to Leicester Airport for a photo shoot, the photos will be up soon on our Facebook page. Then he came back to the offices where he met with all the staff and had lunch and a tour of our building. He seemed like a really interesting man with lots of stories to tell and we hope to welcome him back soon.

Here’s what he had to say about our products: “I live in a very cold place, I use their socks, I found Universal Textiles and I’ve used their long socks for three years now. They’re warm, they wear well and they’re fantastic quality. When it’s cold, you need thermal underwear and Floso Underwear is a good product. I enjoy the product and it’s amazingly priced for the quality that it is. Absolutely fantastic.”

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