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April, 2013

Choosing Ladies Swimwear

It’s time to start thinking about your summer holidays and what you will need to pack, swimwear is one of the most essential holiday items, but where to start? Ladies swimwear comes in a wide variety of choices. One piece, tankini, bikini, and swim shorts are popular styles, and within each of those options, there is a wide choice of other options such as high leg, medium leg, briefs, or string styles. That is without trying to decide which colour or pattern to choose. Picking out the best option is not necessarily an easy choice. It all depends upon personal taste and style.

For those choosing a one-piece suit, this is perhaps the easiest choice of all. The styles are often very similar and the biggest worry will be what colour to choose to best show off the holiday tan. One of the most popular choices is black. Not only is black a slimming colour it can also be teamed with a sarong or other beach style wrap of any colour and will remain stylish.

Good quality ladies swimsuits are also lined, which means less risk of being see through when wet. Swimsuits made from material with a certain amount of elastane means the garment will stretch to fit, will remain in place when moving in the water and will be comfortable as it is flexible enough to move with the body.

Our range of Swimwear is massive, great quality and all at affordable prices! Browse our range here!

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This week’s giveaway!

Following the huge success of our Facebook competition last week, in which we featured Baby Shoes, this week the prize is Skechers Ladies Trainers.

These are great quality trainers. Made with a leather upper, and elasticated laces which provide a secure fit. These are high quality trainers, with an RRP of £69.99! These would be perfect for the gym, walking the dog or just for a casual weekend look!

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is go to our Facebook Page here and like the picture. (You may also have to like the page if you have not done so already) and the winner will be chosen at random next Friday. Good Luck!

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Choosing Children’s Pyjamas

Some children can really struggle to sleep well, either they will get up and disturb their parents, could wet the bed and be embarrassed or just simply, can’t settle. Well why not give them a head start with some seriously comfortable pyjamas.

Traditional pyjamas consist of jacket and trousers made from soft fabric. Modern style variations include short sleeves or shorts worn instead of trousers. The word derives from a Persian word meaning “leg garment”. They were introduced into England in the 17th Century as lounging attire and in 1870 reappeared as sleeping attire as we know them now.

Our pyjamas come in many styles and designs, with alot of character designs including Bart Simpson and Dora the explorer and everything from fleecy fabrics for winter to summer styles. Have a look at our range here.

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Children’s Bedding

Your child’s bedroom is a place where they should feel safe, comfortable and entertained. A great way to do this is by introducing their favourite character into their bedroom design, but doing this every time they get a new favourite character becomes a costly nightmare. Adding a character duvet set is an easy way to ensure that the child has the style they want and your budget remains intact when their tastes change.

Popular children’s duvet cover bedding sets at the moment include Bart Simpson, Fireman Sam, In the Night Garden, Winnie the Pooh, Peppa Pig, My Little Pony, and Bob the Builder. Disney characters remain popular and feature Disney Princesses and Fairies, and Cars. No matter what the child’s tastes, there is a set to suit. Fortunately, these are available at reasonable prices, and great quality, so giving the child the design they love will not cost the earth.

The sets that we sell at Universal Textiles, include a duvet cover and pillowcase of a standard size. Some designs are made with Polyester and Cotton. This is ideal for those who prefer a natural fibre but want the same benefits offered by a synthetic one. Browse our range here.

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Buying T-Shirts

Summer is on its way and it’s warming up! You may want a new t-shirt to get out and about it so why not browse our range of t-shirts! We have t-shirts for any occasion; walks in the park, gardening or sports.

All of our t-shirts are made from amazing quality, from brands such as Fruit of the Loom, Russell Athletic and Gamegear, that you know and trust. We have a range of over 250 different t-shirts for men, women and children, in over 60 different colours! And yet when you buy from us, you can be safe in the knowledge that you all getting them at the possible price.

So whether you’re looking for a long sleeved t-shirt, for the colder nights, a polo shirt, to keep you stylish or a short sleeved t-shirt for everything else! You are guaranteed to find it here.

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This week’s giveaway!

Following the huge success of our Facebook competition last week, in which we featured Family Guy Socks, this week the prize is Baby Shoes.

These are great quality baby shoes. Perfect for casual wearing, with a comfortable fit. Made with 80% Polyester and 20% Cotton, and they are seriously cute!

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is go to our Facebook Page here and like the picture. (You may also have to like the page if you have not done so already) and the winner will be chosen at random next Friday. Good Luck!

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Choosing Girl’s Summer Dresses

Now is the time, as the sun is starting to peek through the clouds, that you may want to start thinking about buying your little girl some summer dresses.

A summer dress, or sundress is a dress intended for warmer weather, typically they are made from lightweight fabric to keep the wearer cool, most commonly from cotton and are loose fitting. Lilly Pulitzer popularised the sundress in the 1960s. The sundress provides a feminine look, more comfortable than a skirt or trousers. There can be many variations of hemlines and details, meaning there are lots of different styles to choose from.

We stock sundresses for girls for many occasions, in many styles, prints and colours. Browse our range here.

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How To Choose Belts

Belts are a wardrobe staple, and very versatile, they can be used as a practical item, for keeping your jeans held up, or as an accessory where it has more aesthetic qualities, for example, making your outfit more interesting or adding detail.

Belts are typically made of leather or a heavy fabric and worn around the waist. Belts have been around since the middle ages. In more recent time, circa 1900s, belts were part of an uniform, particularly among officers. Belts made the transition into mainstream fashion in the 1920s, as trousers waists fell lower. Nowadays it is common for men to wear a belt with their trousers, and for women to wear a belt as a fashion accessory, either around their hips or waist, even under the bust to give themselves an hourglass figure.

Our range of men’s belts are designed for any purpose, either to wear with your work trousers or jeans for a more causal look. Browse our range here.

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A buying guide for Trainers

In this week’s newsletter we have an amazing discount on trainers of up to 35%; for men, women and children, Don’t miss out! View the newsletter and voucher code here
The term trainer is a contraction of training shoe, and was made popular by Gola in 1968. The first examples of trainers were made from a canvas upper and rubber sole. During the 1990s, trainers became a fashion statement, they were not just worn by people exercising and became an expression of personality and identity.

We stock trainers for men, women and children, with everything from the plimsoll to ventilated trainers, in many different colours and styles. Have a look here

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Children’s Socks

Spring cleaning can mean clearing out your childrens clothes and throwing out all the old pairs of socks but finding cheap but quality kids socks can be hard. Children often lose one sock of a pair so it’s a good idea to have plenty at hand, and yet know that they are going to last through play, school and sports. Socks are items that are essential but not often considered thoroughly especially when they get lost or ripped or mucky.

The word sock is derived from the Old English word socc, meaning light slipper, and were originally made from animal skins. Nowadays socks are made from a variety of different materials such as cotton, wool and nylon among others.

We have a range of excellent quality socks at competitive prices, so your child can always have a matching pair of socks.

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