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A buying guide for Trainers

In this week’s newsletter we have an amazing discount on trainers of up to 35%; for men, women and children, Don’t miss out! View the newsletter and voucher code here
The term trainer is a contraction of training shoe, and was made popular by Gola in 1968. The first examples of trainers were made from a canvas upper and rubber sole. During the 1990s, trainers became a fashion statement, they were not just worn by people exercising and became an expression of personality and identity.

We stock trainers for men, women and children, with everything from the plimsoll to ventilated trainers, in many different colours and styles. Have a look here

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  • Luke says:

    It can be hard to find quality shoes for your child that won’t cost a fortune. Buying discounted shoes does not mean you have to buy “cheap” shoes. Shoes that are cheap can sometimes end up being poorly made. But purchasing discounted shoes means you will always get the best quality. Discount shoes are marked down from a higher price…..Wow! I am all for that. Let’s take a look at some of these.

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