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Aqua Sphere to Launch New AquaLight Range

In February 2014 pioneering swimwear and accessories company Aqua Sphere will release AquaLight, their latest collection.

Designed specifically for fitness and recreational swimming, AquaLight is a proprietary coating which changes the surface tension of the fabric meaning water doesn’t adhere to the fibres. As they retain less water, AquaLight fibres dry six times faster than traditional fabrics. This allows swimmers to be comfortable both in and out of the water.

Available to purchase from Universal Textiles, Martin Newton of Aqua Sphere UK said of the range:

“Bringing comfort to swimmers in the water has always been Aqua Sphere‘s commitment. Nevertheless, we saw a gap in the market for a product that also addressed swimmers’ comfort outside the pool, swimmers deserve convenience and portability as well as performance, and we believe we have now met those needs by incorporating advanced materials technology into some of our best-selling silhouettes, opening up the lifestyle advantages normally found only in swimsuits for elite and competitive athletes to recreational and everyday fitness swimmers. We are very proud of this achievement and believe it underscores our brand commitment to support the everyday swimmer with the best possible technological innovation.”

Designed by teams across the globe in countries such as Hong Kong, France and the USA, this innovative mesh barrier makes for a far more pleasant transition from pool or sea to land. Products include the Madonna and Madline One-Piece Swimsuits, with further ranges to be announced in due course.

View Universal Textiles existing Aqua Sphere range here.


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