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Find The Perfect Gift For Mother’s Day

As your mum will no doubt have tried to subtly tell you, this Sunday marks the return of Mother’s Day. If the idea of the search for the perfect present is already leaving you weary, take a look at our very own gift guide for Mothering Sunday 2014.

With warmer weather hopefully on the horizon, make sure your mum is ready for summer with our range of strappy maxi dresses. Available in sizes 8 to 22, this Feather Print Maxi Dress comes in a choice of two vibrant colours, and the lightweight, 100% cotton design is perfect for warm weather at home or abroad.

With full waterproofing and an easy pull-on design, the Cotswold PVC Long Wellington will ensure that your mum is prepared for whatever the British summer throws at us, and with a range of styles ranging from floral to leopard print, she’ll always be sure to stand out from the crowd.

When it comes to the difficult job of present hunting, appealing to your mum’s softer side rarely fails. With his fluffy brown fur and friendly face, our Mumbles Bracken Plush Teddy Bear will be no exception. Made of soft fabric and with a bean-stuffed interior, Bracken is available in small, medium and large sizes.

With its colourful, dotted design, this Ladies Walking Umbrella will appeal to the mum who takes accessorizing seriously. Available in pink, purple, and black, the 97cm span will keep your mum safe and dry through many an April shower.

This Heart Print Sweater is another great way to show your mum you care. In a choice of black with red or cream with pink, this knitted, square neck pullover offers both style and comfort with its contrast pattern and soft material, and is available in small, medium and large sizes.

This lightweight, Spot Design Scarf is perfect for long walks through the countryside during the summer months, and in a range of six colours including black, fuchsia and pink, there’s a style to suit every outfit.

If your mum is the type to put comfort first, our range of women’s dressing gowns are sure to bring a smile to her face. The Spot Print Supersoft Dressing Gown offers warmth for wearers looking to relax in bed or around the home, and the fleece rope belt will ensure that your mum stays cosy all through the year.

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Choosing Summer Pyjamas

pjPyjamas are an all year round essential, but at this time of year, you don’t want to be wrapping yourself up in big fleece pyjamas. Why not take a look at our light, breathable, Ladies Summer pyjamas.

Our Summer pyjamas consist of shorts instead of trousers and short sleeved shirts instead of long sleeved shirts. Most of our pyjamas are made from Cotton or a Polycotton blend, which allows your skin to breathe and also makes the garment long lasting and easy to care for.

Our pyjama sets can be mixed and matched together, we also sell pyjamas for men and children so they too can get a cool and comfortable nights sleep. Browse our range here.

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Choosing Children’s Pyjamas

Some children can really struggle to sleep well, either they will get up and disturb their parents, could wet the bed and be embarrassed or just simply, can’t settle. Well why not give them a head start with some seriously comfortable pyjamas.

Traditional pyjamas consist of jacket and trousers made from soft fabric. Modern style variations include short sleeves or shorts worn instead of trousers. The word derives from a Persian word meaning “leg garment”. They were introduced into England in the 17th Century as lounging attire and in 1870 reappeared as sleeping attire as we know them now.

Our pyjamas come in many styles and designs, with alot of character designs including Bart Simpson and Dora the explorer and everything from fleecy fabrics for winter to summer styles. Have a look at our range here.

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Women’s Pyjamas

While we all wrap up to go outside during winter, it’s just as important when you’re inside, especially when it’s cold as a low body temperature can affect your sleep.

Traditional pyjames consist of jacket and trousers made from soft fabric. Modern style variations include short sleeves or shorts worn instead of trousers. The word derives from a Persian word meaning “leg garment”. They were introduced into England in the 17th Century as lounging attire and in 1870 reappeared as sleeping attire as we know them now.

Our pyjamas come in many styles and designs, everything for fleecy fabrics for winter to summer styles. Have a look at our range.

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Men’s Onesie

Onesies are the most popular item of nightwear right now, they are perfect for sleeping in or lounging around in the house and keeping warm.

Sometimes called blanket sleepers, they can be traced as far back at the late 19th century, to footed, one piece sleeping clothing for children, however its current form dates back to the early 1950s when many of the recognizable features were introduced such as slip resistant soles, zips and applique designs. Onesies are usually made from fleece, flannel or cotton.

Our popular men’s onesie comes in a selection of colours, Green Camouflage, Grey Camouflage and Tiger Stripes. It has a zip fastening and its ribbed around the wrists and ankles, allowing you to wear your own thick socks or slippers and is machine washable for convenience. Have a look here!

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Choosing Children’s Pyjamas and Dressing Gowns

When ensuring that children are warm in winter, it is equally important to make sure that they are warm enough when they are sleeping.  Children’s pyjamas come in a variety of styles and choosing the right ones can keep them cosy and warm at night to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Pyjamas with long sleeved tops and full-length bottoms are ideal for the winter months.  Winter pyjamas are not necessarily thick and fleecy but many styles are now lightweight enough to offer good levels of comfort.  Available designs include many characters from popular culture including Bart Simpson and Thomas the Tank Engine. As these are often made from 100% cotton, it ensures that the child will not get too warm and that the skin can still breathe, helping to control the temperature.

The pyjamas are made to ensure that the child still has freedom of movement.  Children move around while they are asleep and need to feel comfortable even if their nightwear has managed to wrap itself around them.

Before bedtime is another issue and a dressing gown is ideal for keeping the cold at bay, particularly after bath time.  These are often made from 100% polyester, which means that they dry quickly if they get wet and that they have a good thermal rating.  The simplest styles to choose are the wraparound styles with the belt fastening at the waist, as this is easier for young children to fasten themselves.


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Buying Guide to Kids’ Nightwear

Kids’ nightwear makes an ideal gift at any time of the year.  Choosing long pyjamas to go in a Christmas stocking is a tradition in many households. However, summer nightwear as a gift for birthdays or Easter is also popular. The short and top sets help children to feel cooler on warmer nights.

Long pyjamas are suitable for both boys and girls and there are various colours and designs available. Girl’s long pyjamas often come in pinks and bright colours, which little girls love. The SpongeBob Squarepants pyjamas are an excellent example of this, with the pink bottoms and the bright yellow top with SpongeBob’s face on the front.  The short pyjama sets in pink are also perfect for little girls to use in the summer. There are several designs available including Fifi and the Flower Tots and Dora the Explorer.

Boy’s long pyjamas are available in many different designs including Ben 10 and Toy Story. Older boys might like pyjamas inspired by their favourite football teams. The selection of team pyjamas includes Manchester United, Liverpool FC and more.  Boy’s short pyjama sets come in designs such as Bob the Builder and Arsenal FC.

There are also some designs and colours suitable for both boys and girls such as the bright yellow SpongeBob Squarepants long pyjamas. Of course, the football team-inspired pyjamas are great for the sports loving little girl.

The In the Night Garden dressing gown is the perfect cover up for kids’ nightwear and suitable for both boys and girls. It will help to keep them a little warmer while playing around the house.

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Buying Guide to Men’s Nightwear

As with all other types and ranges of clothing, men’s nightwear comes in a variety of styles.  Warmer fabrics offer insulation in the colder months and lighter styles are available for the summer months when the heat becomes uncomfortable.

A popular style at the moment is the t-shirt and shorts set.  These are ideal for summer and they come in a range of sizes and colours.   They are made from lightweight cotton and are designed to allow freedom of movement.  It is important to consider this when purchasing pyjamas, as most people move about while they are asleep, which means that tops and pyjama bottoms can become twisted and tight during the night.

The winter months require something that provides more warmth and from something other than pyjamas.  The men’s nightwear range also includes bathrobes.  These are 100% cotton and have a brushed velour finish.  They are ideal for wearing over pyjamas or wearing just after a shower or bath.

Classic style pyjamas remain popular.  These have a long sleeved shirt and long trousers with an elasticated waist.  These are available in light cotton or a brushed material that offers extra warmth.

A style that is popular with children is also available for adults. Dads can now opt for fun pyjamas that feature their favourite TV or film character such as Spiderman.  As with other styles, these come in a range of sizes and colours.

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Buying Guide to Ladies Nightwear

Ladies nightwear includes a range of clothing that offers a variety of choices. There are many things to take into consideration when choosing nightwear. Many of us have warmer nightwear such as pyjamas for winter months, while in the summer we might opt for modern vest tops and shorts pyjama sets, or an oversized T-shirt.

Comfort is a major factor and a good night’s sleep can be hindered by nightwear that is too tight, too warm, or too cold. Freedom of movement is very important as nobody wakes up in the same position that they fell asleep in. We move around in the night without our realising it and our nightwear needs to allow for this.

The summer months can be particularly uncomfortable at night. We are accustomed to temperatures dropping in the evening but in the middle of a heat wave, they do not drop very far. This can make getting a good night’s sleep quite difficult. With this type of weather in mind, we should choose fabrics such as cotton for our ladies nightwear in order to allow the skin to breathe and help to keep it as cool as possible. Cotton nightdresses are ideal for this particular time of year.

The winter months can have the opposite effect. Sleeping is difficult if you are not warm enough and fleecy cotton pyjamas and nightshirts can help to counteract the colder temperatures, making it easier to get comfortable at night and enjoy restful sleep.


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Choosing Children’s Nightwear

One of the biggest trends in children’s nightwear is character nightwear.  All children have their favourite cartoon, film, and television characters, and they love to have these images on their nightwear.  For younger children there are characters from popular shows such as ‘In the Night Garden’ and ‘Thomas the Tank Engine.’  Older children might prefer characters such as ‘Ben 10’ and Power Rangers.  These designs appear on all styles of children’s nightwear, from standard pyjamas to t-shirt style nightshirts.

Characters are not the only popular images to be featured on children’s nightwear.  There are also emblems of sports clubs, so finding one that features their favourite football team should not be a problem.  The football team design is available in long trousers, long sleeved tops, and as a shorts and t-shirt set that resembles a football strip.  The colours match the football strip of their team.

Girls will love the shorts and t-shirt sets that are made specifically for them. They come in a range of pastel colours with frilled edges to the legs and sleeves, and feature characters such as Dora the Explorer.  With dressing gowns that also feature characters, they are easy to mix and match if the child has more than one favourite.

All children’s nightwear styles are easy to care for, as they are all machine washable and are 100% cotton.  Prices begin at just a few pounds and sizes are designed to fit children from toddlers to age 12.

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