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Thermal Underwear

Dressing for a Sudden Cold Spell

One of the things we have become aware of in the UK is that our weather is very unpredictable.  Mild spells can very suddenly turn into cold spells, and a day with great sunshine does not necessarily mean that we will not get a downpour.  Being prepared for the colder weather is essential.

Stocking up on cold weather essentials is one of the best ways to be prepared.  There is a wide range of both men’s and ladies’ thermal underwear available now and it is not expensive to add a few items to the wardrobe just in case.  A thermal t-shirt is an excellent choice for wearing under a sweater or shirt, just to keep the chill at bay and these are available in a range of sizes for people of all ages.  Team these with the thermal long johns or long janes, and even arctic temperatures will not be able to get through.

Thermal socks are always a welcome addition to the wardrobe as there is nothing worse than cold feet. As these come in a variety of colours and styles they can be used as school socks for children and are perfect for wearing with boots in the wetter weather.

Opting for thermal items during the winter months can mean the difference between simply coping in the cold weather and getting through it comfortably – and comfortable is the one thing we should all be aiming for when planning our winter wardrobes.


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Long Johns for Winter

Long Johns have been in existence for many years. Developments in their design and the use of different fabrics mean that Long Johns are now more comfortable than ever before and ideal for wearing when carrying out a variety of tasks.  The developments in design also mean that Long Johns have lost their “old man” image.  This type of thermal underwear has become very popular with those who participate in winter sports.

Long Johns – or long janes – are designed to be worn by anybody, no matter what their shape and size.  When being worn under other types of clothing, they are not visible, so no one else can tell that the wearer has thermal underwear on.  Men’s thermal underwear is designed with no side seams so that they are comfortable to wear and the wearer will not suffer any chafing.

This type of garment is the reason why skiers and other winter sports participants do not seem to feel the cold.  Anyone wanting to partake in skiing, snowboarding, or other snow sport will find that they will be better prepared with the right thermal underwear.

However, it is not just for sports that Long Johns will come in handy.  How many people have to walk their dog each day, even when the weather has taken a turn for the worse?  Those who need to walk to work or work outdoors will find that Long Johns provide a solution to the biting cold that we often experience at this time of year.


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Winter Garments for the Entire Family

Every member of the family needs to be wrapped up against the cold in winter, and in the UK, we can never be sure what type of weather we are going to get.  Even in a mild winter, there are cold snaps and we need to be prepared with a variety of winter woollies, warm and waterproof jackets, and thermal underwear to give us added protection without making us look as though we are wearing multiple layers of clothes.

The range of thermal underwear that is available is suitable for everyone.  There are styles that have been specifically designed for girls, boys, and adults.  It is a good idea to make sure that the elderly members of the family have thermal underwear, as they can often feel the cold much more intensely than younger individuals can and will benefit from wearing it when going out.  Thermal underwear works by preventing moisture from drying and cooling on the skin.  For this reason, most types of thermal underwear are made from a blend of synthetic fibres.  This ensures that they keep their shape, dry quickly and are soft and comfortable to wear.  Styles that have no side seams are perfect as there will be no chafing on the skin.

Add to this the men’s and ladies thermal socks, hats, gloves and scarves, and every member of the family is ready to face the cold weather.  For days when it is wet as well as cold, Wellington boots and umbrellas are essential.


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Children’s Thermal Underwear

Even if there is no snow or frost, the winter days can be bitterly cold, particularly those with strong winds such as those experienced in recent weeks.  The wind chill factor can drop the temperature several degrees, turning what seems to be a fairly mild day into one with arctic conditions.  Children, however, do not seem to care much about temperatures.  They want to be out in all weathers and protecting them from chills is very important.

There is a wide range of children’s thermal underwear.  The range of boys’ thermal underwear includes long johns, long and short-sleeved t-shirts, and vests.  These come in both light and dark colours and are designed to be close fitting.  These garments have no side seams so there is no chafing, which makes them comfortable and practical items.  The range of girls’ thermal underwear is similar – although available in several pastel shades and of course, long johns become long janes.

Thermal underwear is suitable for wearing on many occasions and is ideal for children going back to school after the Christmas break.  Standing at bus stops and hanging around in the school playground are not ideal activities in the cold weather and thermal underwear can help to combat chills.  The range of thermal underwear available has a very good thermal rating and the fibres used are often a blend of synthetics, or natural and synthetic materials, so they are soft and feel comfortable next to the skin.


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Women’s Thermal Underwear

When many people consider thermal underwear, they may think it is for men only but there is a wide range of women’s thermal underwear available.  Long johns (as they are for men) have cleverly become long janes.  The range of women’s underwear is available in a number of pale and pastel shades to give them a more feminine twist.

Long janes are ‘legging’ type pants, which can be easily worn under trousers.  They are free of side seams so there is no risk of chafing and they fit close to the skin so they are not bulky under other clothes.  They are often a blend of synthetic fibres such as viscose and polyester.  These two fibres have good thermal qualities and work well, keeping moisture away so that it does not dry cold on the skin.  Women’s thermal underwear is available in a range of sizes so they are suitable for most people and they are machine washable.

Women’s thermal underwear can be teamed with a variety of vest type or t-shirt type tops.  They are ideal for wearing under sweaters to ensure a cosy feel on the colder winter days.  They also come in a variety of shades and should be considered an essential for winter.

Women’s thermal underwear is available at a very reasonable cost so being sure of a cosy feel in winter will not break the bank and items are available either in sets or singly, so mixing and matching is a possibility.


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Dressing for the Winter Sales

This is the time of year when everybody is thinking of hitting the sales to stock up on bargains.  However, the weather can be very off-putting.  Icy winds and rain can mean that we might rather sit in front of the fire and watch TV than hunt down the cut-price items that we are desperate to get our hands on.

By dressing for the weather, we can stay warm and cosy and go out and spend our hard earned cash.  Keeping feet warm and dry is essential and thermal socks can be a good way to achieve this.  There is a range of men’s thermal socks as well as those for women and children which work by keeping any moisture away from the skin, so that it does not dry cold on the skin.

Thermal underwear is available for every age range and this is a good way to defend the body from the cold.  This works in the same way as thermal socks but there have been advances in the design of these items, so they are no longer bulky.  Women’s thermal underwear and those ranges for men and children are lightweight and are often made from a blend of natural and synthetic fibres to give them a longer life.

With a good foundation like this, a good winter outfit can then be finished off with hats, scarves and gloves.  To keep the look stylish these can be purchased in a matching set at a very reasonable cost.

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Underwear for All Seasons

One way in which to ensure feeling confident and smart is to begin with underwear.  Good quality underwear can help a person to feel comfortable and give them the right foundation for each individual outfit.

There is underwear suitable for every time of the year.  Winter is the perfect time to try out thermal underwear and this is available for every member of the family.  From girls thermal underwear to the wide range suitable for men, there is a warming garment for everyone.  Thermal socks can also be added to this list of must-haves for the winter months.

For spring, summer and autumn months, lighter styles are perhaps more appropriate. The range of men’s underwear available includes boxer shorts and y-fronts, as well as cotton vests.  Cotton underwear is a good choice as it is a natural fibre and allows the skin to breathe.  This is ideal for the summer months when the heat can make a person very uncomfortable.

The range of underwear for women includes control underwear – perfect for hiding all those lumps and bumps that do not need to be visible.  This style of underwear is also useful for the party season as they create a neat silhouette to provide the best look and feel.  Different styles of underwear are available to suit different outfits, such as briefs that can be worn under trousers and various other styles suitable for general every day wear.  In addition, there are ladies vests that are a lovely option.





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Keeping the wind at bay in winter

As the bad weather strikes it is important to keep out the cold and this applies to people of all ages, although the frail and the very young are the most vulnerable.  Strong winds can lead to ear problems from the cold and protecting the ears with the latest trapper hats or wrapping a scarf around the head is the best way to do this.

Children’s winter hats can be purchased very cheaply and in the colder temperatures no child should be outdoors without one.  As heat is lost through the head a hat can help to keep the body warm, particularly when spending long periods outdoors.  Similar hats are available for men and women too and are made from a variety of fabrics including fleece.  The trapper hats are often faux fur lined, which is ideal for making people warm and cosy.

Winter coats are needed for the colder months but waterproof coats are essential.  These ensure that a person does not end up feeling damp and cold at the same time.  Making these an essential part of the wardrobe is a good idea for every member of the family.

The word ‘thermal’ can be applied to many different garments now and thermal underwear and socks are very popular at this time of year.  Men’s thermal underwear is a much wider range than it used to be, simply because it has evolved so much over the years and it is now associated with more than just the elderly.

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Winter Warmth for the Entire Family

As the cold weather is rapidly approaching (and is already here for some of us!), the importance of wrapping up well before venturing out should not be ignored.  Every aspect of the average wardrobe could do with an overhaul for the winter months.

The underwear drawer should be well stocked with thermal items.  From thermal T-shirts to thermal long johns or long janes, garments for insulation and warmth are crucial for extremely cold temperatures. There is a range to suit every member of the house, from men’s thermal underwear to children’s undergarments.  Thermal socks certainly should be considered a must.  Wearing boots is not enough to keep out the cold.  Keeping feet warm and dry is essential for helping the body to stay warm while outdoors.

Hats are another essential item.  There are many people who do not bother with a hat in winter but should try it and feel the benefits.  The difference it can make might be surprising.  Simple knitted hats are a good option for everyday wear and there are plenty of options in each range.  The ladies winter hats range in particular has a good selection from which to choose.

Finish off the winter essentials with gloves and scarves.  These are often available with matching hats and can be used in a contrasting colour to brighten up an everyday outfit.  These are available in ranges for men, women, boys, and girls, so there is no reason for anyone in the family to miss out on winter warmth.

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The Advantages of Thermal Garments for Girls

Getting girls to opt for thermal underwear can be a difficult task, until they realise just how it has improved in recent years.  Girl’s thermal underwear is not just for those who are taking part in winter sports or playing outside.  Many people now opt for thermal underwear as a matter of course during the winter months to help to ward off chills.

Cotton and wool are the natural fibres often used to make the natural varieties of girl’s thermal underwear.  These fibres have been used to construct clothing for thousands of years.  Natural fibres allow the skin to breathe and are soft and comfortable.  They are also fairly inexpensive to produce.  Cotton and wool are not considered the most suitable fibres for those wearing thermal garments for sports or playing outdoors.

For outdoor activities, the moisture has to be removed, or ‘wicked’ away, from the skin.  Synthetic fibres are considered the best fabrics for this purpose.  These are often blended with natural fibres, which can make the garments a bit costlier.

For girls, thermal T-shirts can be worn underneath ordinary t-shirts or tops.  These are designed to fit close to the skin so others cannot tell that thermal underwear is being worn.  They also come in a wide range of pale shades, so that they can be matched to whatever colour outfit is being worn.  Many designs have been created without side seams so that they remain comfortable to wear and are not at all restrictive.


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