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Choosing the Right Umbrella

Being prepared for wet weather is something to which residents of the UK are accustomed. However, how many times do we find ourselves out in the rain, having left the brolly at home or in the car?  Carrying an umbrella around is no longer a laborious task as there are plenty of small versions that can fit neatly into a handbag or briefcase.  While these are convenient, they can often be lightweight, so they are not suitable for use in windy weather.

There are more substantial umbrellas, which are ideal for those days when there is more than a little breeze.  Very strong winds, of course, are not ideal for umbrellas and it is probably best not to use them on those occasions. The larger golfing umbrella is ideal for those who insist on playing in the wetter conditions and these are available in a variety of colours and designs.

There are many advantages to the clear plastic dome umbrella.  This is perfect for children as it will encourage them to protect themselves well from the rain but will still allow them to see where they are going.  The plastic dome umbrellas have become fashionable once again and these generally have a coloured trim so they are not completely plain.  Due to their shape, they are less likely to clip somebody while the user is walking.  Some of the dome umbrellas do have a pattern on them but there are clear sections so the user can still see where they are going.

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