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Make Cold Winters Warmer with Thermal Underwear

In order to choose good quality women’s thermal underwear, you need to understand the differences between the most common types available. They are available in a wide range of fabrics—including cotton, wool, fabric blends, and smart fabrics. You should also consider the weight as well as the usage specifications of the women’s thermals you want to buy.

Cotton women’s thermal underwear is perfectly fine for when you’re staying indoors and don’t intend to participate in cold weather sports, camping, or hiking. They provide extra warmth, but they do not wick moisture away and are therefore unsuitable for outdoor activities.

The next most common material used for women’s thermals is wool, which tends to be a bit more expensive but worth the money. Wool thermal underwear can provide you superior warmth while allowing moisture to escape, thereby keeping you dry. They are fantastic for staying in as well as doing light outdoor activities, like an easy hike.

If you intend to participate in high-action winter sports like skiing or snowboarding, consider buying thermal underwear made of special fabric blends—typically a mix of spandex, polyester, and wool. These types of women’s thermals offer superior warmth and moisture control, making them perfect for athletic activities. In addition, some manufacturers have incorporated their thermals with odour control technologies.

Aside from fabric, you should also look at weight when shopping for thermal underwear. Lightweight varieties are best for high-level activities but may not be the optimum choice for extreme cold. Heavy weight fabrics—often labelled ‘expedition’ weight in the active wear industry—are a great choice for extreme cold. For everyday use, mid-weight fabrics will do.

A lot of women’s thermal underwear these days have added performance features. For example, some thermal shirts have thumbholes so that the arm sleeves stay in place and don’t roll up under your sweater or jacket. The best thermal underwear for layering doesn’t have zippers or fasteners that may interfere with your outer layers.

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Father’s Day Special – Save 66%!

25042013_01In this week’s newsletter we are offering an extra 15% discount on our Father Day’s Special, meaning you could potentially save up to 66%!

It’s Father Day on the 16th of June so we are offering perfect gift ideas to celebrate your dads! Whether they’re into football or golf, or you wanted novelty socks or underwear we have the perfect gift for them. We also stock cute bibs for babies with “I Love Daddy” and other designs, so even if they’re too young to send cards, the sentiment is still there. The time to buy is now, especially with an extra 15% discount for all our subcscribers! Don’t miss out!

View our newsletter here and enjoy the massive savings!

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Choosing Men’s Underwear

Men’s underwear is something that can get forgotten about until your last pair is full of holes and turned grey. So with the new spring, why not treat yourself to some new underwear and clear your drawer out. But there are many different types of men’s underwear so how do you know which ones to choose?

There are three main types of pants. Boxer shorts have an elasticated while the legs are long and loose fitting. They usually have a fly with or without buttons, the waistband is usually wider than briefs and bears the brand name. Boxer briefs are similar to boxer shorts, but generally shorter and more form fitting. Y-fronts or briefs have an elasticated waist and the leg sections do not extend further than the groin.

We stock all varieties of underwear so you are sure to find a pair that’s comfortable for you. Browse our range here.

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Ladies Briefs

Underwear is an all year essential, you when you’re clearing your wardrobe out for this year’s new clothes, why not stock up on some new knickers?

Briefs were first sold in the UK in 1938, and they were so popular that in 1948, every member of the British Olympic team was given a free pair. Traditional briefs cover the upper thigh to the navel, as this style is referred to as the “full rise”, there are also “low rise” and “mid rise” which can vary between manufacturers.

Our briefs are mostly made with 100% Cotton and come in a variety of colours and patterns. We also have some with a lace trim, just to add that touch of detail.

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Choosing Kids’ Underwear

One of the positive aspects of buying kid’s underwear is that they generally come in multipacks.  This means that as the child grows and underwear needs replacing, the cost can be manageable, as the items do not have to be purchased individually.  The multipacks are available in sizes of two items up to 10 items, and are sold at a very reasonable price.

Boys’ boxers and briefs and girls’ vests are among the wide variety of items that are ideal for buying in bulk. They come in a variety of sizes and colours, and all items are machine washable and withstand a reasonable amount of wear.

In some instances, kids’ underwear features favourite characters from film and TV and – particularly with younger children – it is often easier to get them to wear these items.  For girls, colour is very important. As most parents know, pink is always a safe bet when selecting underwear for girls. Luckily, boys are often more flexible about the colour and will settle for basics such as black, white or grey.

Design is often less important than it is in adult’s underwear, but the same type of designs are available in the kids’ underwear ranges.  Boys can choose from briefs, boxers or boxer briefs. These all allow for a reasonable amount of freedom of movement and are comfortable to wear, ideal for the active child that likes to take part in sports and games.

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Buying Guide to Ladies Underwear

There is a reason that ladies underwear is referred to as ‘foundation garments’.  The right underwear can help to make an outfit comfortable. The range of ladies underwear that is available is wide and women can choose basic separates or matching sets in order to suit the outfit that they are wearing.

Control briefs are an essential item in the wardrobe of most women who feel as though they need a little help when it comes to their shape. They can help to create smooth lines under a dress or skirt and help to give a little more confidence. These come in a range of sizes and are available in black or white so can be used with a variety of outfits.

For everyday wear there are packs of basic cotton briefs.  These come with high and low cut leg options as well as high waist options. These allow a little more freedom of movement and are ideal for all types of outfits as they are available in many different colour options.

There are ladies vests available with a lace trim for those days when it is a little colder but not cold enough to justify thermal underwear. These are perfect for wearing under sweaters and are soft and comfortable to wear.

Lace detailing is a feature on several different ranges of underwear now, which is ideal for adding that feminine touch for those days when a basic style just will not do.

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Buying Guide to Boy’s Thermal Underwear

The challenge with boy’s thermal underwear is persuading them to wear it. All boys want to look tough in front of their friends and the thought of wearing thermal underwear might be a little off-putting to them. However, when your children are out playing in the cold and the snow, it is important that they are protected against the cold temperatures and biting winds that we experience each year.

The good news is that boy’s thermal underwear is no longer old fashioned and can be very stylish and comfortable. Most designs are created from a mix of viscose and polyester, which also helps to make them durable. The long johns are usually seam free. This factor is essential for that little bit of extra comfort. The fabric allows freedom of movement, which is important for boys who are active and like to run around.

The tops resemble short or long sleeved t-shirts. Even if someone were to catch a glimpse of the underwear top, it would not be obvious that it was a thermal garment. Alternatively, the thermal vest-type top is an option. When the boys realise that they can stay warm and not feel as though they are bundled up, they will be happy to wear the thermal underwear.

Colours available are typically muted, so that they can be worn under different coloured clothes without showing through. Many styles are close-fit as well, so that the shape of the body will not appear bulky with the additional layer of warmth

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Choosing Women’s Thermal Underwear

Ladies need never go cold in winter. There is an entire range of women’s thermal underwear from which to choose. There are both tops and bottoms in different styles and there is bound to be something to suit every taste. The Long Jane’s are ideal for wearing under trousers, jeans, or even a long dress, as they have a slightly cropped leg that makes them extremely versatile. The t-shirts come in several arm lengths, making them perfect to fit under most tops.

Long Jane’s and long sleeve thermal tops are also ideal for loungewear or sleepwear in the winter. They are soft against the skin and completely cosy. The flexibility of these items means that even the most restless sleeper will find they remain comfortable throughout the night.

There is also a range of thermal panties for those who prefer a shorter leg length without losing the warmth. These are ideal for under shorter skirts or dresses. When matched with the short sleeve t-shirt, these are a great sleepwear or loungewear choice for spring and autumn weather.

The vest tops are very versatile. They can comfortably fit under other vests, t-shirts, blouses or jumpers for those who need an added bit of warmth. All of the tops can be worn independently, meaning they are suitable without another top covering them.

Most of the range of women’s thermal underwear comes in white, making them perfect under most clothing. Several pieces are available in black as well, and are generally preferable to white for wearing under dark coloured clothing.

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Men’s Thermal Underwear

Men’s thermal underwear is ideal for wearing during both the daytime and at night. When the winter nights start rolling around, it can get very chilly. Using thermal long johns and a long sleeved t-shirt is the ideal way to keep warm at night. They are also perfect for lounging in the home while relaxing, as they are both warm and comfortable. You may even find there is less of a need to keep the heating on in your home thereby saving money as well. The thermal underwear all-in-one union suit is a very popular purchase for both of these situations.

Daytime in winter also can be chilly. There could be snow on the ground and early morning starts could mean having to tend to iced up locks and windows. While standing outside, you want to know that you are wrapped up warm. For those men who do not want to wear long johns under their work trousers, there are thermal under pants available as an alternative. While long sleeved thermal t-shirts might be too bulky under a work shirt, there are several vests or short-sleeved tops to choose from that might be more suitable.

Men’s thermal underwear is ideal for those who have to work outside. Mail carriers, milkmen, gardeners, and construction workers are outside for almost the whole of their working day. When the temperature drops, these individuals really notice it. Presenting your loved one with thermal underwear to keep them warm will show how much you care.

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Buying Guide to Children’s Underwear

As with every aspect of purchasing children’s clothes, buying children’s underwear is something of a minefield.  Children are particularly fussy and sometimes it is difficult to know what they would like.  However, parents understand the need to be practical and this is often difficult to match with the latest fashions.

As a practical item, vests are essential.  They can help to keep out the cold on winter days and come in a range of styles.  Girls in particular are particular about vests; they like them to be pretty as well as warm.  Vests are available in packs of two and come in a range of designs.  They are also easy to care for, as they are machine washable.

Boys in particular like to choose character designs for their underwear. Available character designs include Spongebob Squarepants and characters from the film ‘Madagascar’.  These are available in a range of bright colours and styles. Briefs are available in pack sizes ranging from two to five.

Of course, there are also plain styles of children’s underwear in more muted colours that are practical for everyday wear.  Boxer briefs are particularly popular with boys as they are simply a smaller version of the adult designs and can help to make them feel a little more grown up.  These are ideal for when they are playing sports, as they are comfortable to wear and offer more freedom of movement.  They also keep their shape when washed, so they last a long time.

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