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Quality Women’s Underwear

The range of options in women’s underwear is one of the widest of all clothing styles.  Women like to have different styles of underwear for different outfits and occasions. As a result, the available designs for women’s underwear are numerous.

For standard daily wear there is the bikini brief.  These are often available in multi-packs that ensure value for money as they begin from just a few pounds and come in every colour imaginable.  They are easy to care for, as they are machine washable and keep their shape well.  With different cuts such as high leg and low leg, it is easy to find a style that suits.  Because comfort is a very important factor, the briefs are often made from plain cotton that ensures the skin can breathe.

Some women are more sensitive about carrying a little extra weight around their tummy and hips, and control women’s underwear is very popular.  This can help to keep a smoother shape no matter what type of outfit you are wearing and can give that extra little bit of confidence.  Styles range from high waist briefs to longer leg briefs that provide more control in the thigh area.

For a little extra warmth in winter, there is a range of vests for women.  These have thinner straps than men’s vests but offer the same degree of warmth.  There is also a wide variety of thermal underwear that can help on those very cold days.

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Buying Guide to Men’s Underwear

Men’s underwear used to be very simple – the style was mainly the classic Y-front and there was not a great deal of choice in colour.  However, things are very different now.  While the classic Y-front is still available, there is much more choice. As many styles begin from just a few pounds, adding a variety of styles to your wardrobe will not break the bank.

Boxer shorts are very popular as they are loose fitting and offer more freedom of movement than traditional styles.  These have an elasticised waistband and are a mix of polyester and cotton, making them machine washable and easy to care for.  Alternatively, boxer briefs have become very popular in the men’s underwear range.  These have a more fitted style but are often 100% cotton, making them very cool to wear. They offer the same freedom of movement and are also machine washable.

While many men will stick to neutral colours such as black, white and grey, men’s underwear now comes in a variety of colours and designs, with bright reds, blues, and greens also available.  Those who want to add a bit of colour can now do so easily.  For something a little different, you can also opt for a different fabric.  Satin boxer shorts are popular, though perhaps not for everyday wear.

It should also be remembered that there is more to men’s underwear than boxers and briefs.  For those cooler days, many men choose to wear a vest, and there is a wide range of thermal men’s underwear for those days that are colder still.

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Thermal Investment: Buy Your Thermals Early

Thermal Underwear available at Universal Textiles

The spring is on its way (we hope), bringing to a close another snowy winter full of late trains, skidding cars, snowball fights and school Snow Days. So, what do we think next winter will hold in store for us?  Here in the office, we’re fairly certain next winter will bring more of the same. Did you know we don’t just stock baby wear? We carry a great selection of thermal underwear ranging from children’s thermal vests to thermal men’s socks, too.

The UK has never really been famous for predictable sunny weather, so to prepare for another freezing year of icy waits at the bus stop, tons of our customers visit us looking for cheap, reliable thermal underwear for use in the fields of camping, skiing, rock climbing, fishing, cold weather holidays, endurance exercises and much, much more.

Our bestselling thermal underwear products begin at under £4 – quite the bargain when you consider the important role your thermal underwear plays in maintaining health and happy activity in harsh conditions.

We know it’s not easy to shop when you can’t pick up an item, feel the fabric or try it on, which is why we try to describe our products as coherently as possible. By including customer reviews and our own unique ‘Thermal Rating’ five star system, we aim to make the process of buying online as easy as it is thrifty.

So, whether you’re stocking up ahead of this year’s cold end, or getting kitted-out for a year of chilly outdoor endeavours, don’t forget to browse our online catalogue over a cup of hot coffee.

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Terrific thermal underwear

As well as cheap baby boy clothes and baby girl clothes, universal-textiles.com stocks the ultimate selection of thermal underwear, which will see you through the harsh winters of Europe and North America.

If you enjoy outdoor pursuits such as hunting, camping and fishing, thermal underwear is an essential addition to your kitbag. Our mens’ thermal underwear long johns will keep your legs cosy and comfortable in the cold and allow for great flexibility, promoting blood circulation and preventing frostbite and chills. These long johns are perfectly complemented by our thermal underwear short sleeve t-shirts, which have a great thermal rating and can be worn underneath shirts and jumpers inconspicuously in the office, at sporting events or in any indoor or outdoor location.

Our men’s thermal trunks look like ordinary underpants and are just as comfortable, but they are amazingly warm and are a great item that, once worn, you will return to again and again. For the ultimate in cosiness and comfort, we suggest that you try a man’s thermal clothing all in one union suit which combines upper and lower body thermal underwear protection in one piece perfection.

We like to call our ladies long johns ‘long Janes’ because they offer all of the warmth and comfort of the male counterparts but are specifically styled to fit the female form perfectly. Wes stock ladies thermal underwear t-shirts and panties as well as boys and girls thermal clothing to go with our fantastic baby shoes collection, so you can be sure that all of the family is stocked up for winter.

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The perfect time to invest in thermal underwear

The memories of summer are fading fast as winter takes an increasingly firm grip on the UK and its inhabitants. You may be mourning the loss of the warmer weather and find yourself struggling to cope with the colder conditions.

Indeed, getting up in the morning can be a nightmare as you are immediately confronted by the cold and dark, and stepping out of your front door to set off to work can present an equally unpleasant shock.

However, there are ways in which you can lessen your suffering and investing in thermal underwear is one of these. As well as stocking a wide range of baby booties and other baby clothes, here at Universal Textiles we also sell a variety of underwear that helps keep you warm.

Taking advantage of such garments can make all the difference and you may turn up at the office much less worse for wear than you have in the past. And because the products are good value for money, there is no need to break the bank in order to get hold of them.

Indeed, if you browse what we have to offer, you may well be surprised by how little cash you will have to part with in order to buy the products. Of course, there are other ways in which you can help keep yourself and your baby warm over the winter.

Investing in a good coat and warm baby shoes is important for keeping your child warm, and having a hot bath every now and then can raise body temperature as well.

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How Does Thermal Underwear Work?

Now that winter is well on the way we’re all feeling a bit of a chill in the air. Those who enjoy outdoor activities will be feeling it more keenly than most and it’s the perfect time to invest in some quality thermal underwear from Universal Textiles. In addition to our popular range of baby boy and baby girl clothes and other baby wear, we sock a range of thermal products for adults and children of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

It’s easy to assume that thermal tops and leggings just provide another layer of clothing between you and the winter chill but there is a little more to it than that. Modern thermals are pretty clever in the different ways they work to keep you warm and comfortable when it’s cold outside.

First of all, a layer of close fitting fabric right next to the skin reduces airflow and the slight draughts that would normally travel up loose trouser cuffs and down the arms and necks of jumpers. This means less heat is lost trying to warm up the air in between you and your outer clothing. Secondly, the fabrics we and other quality manufacturers use is quite special. It’s much warmer than a normal cotton or polyester material for the same kind of weight.

Maybe the smartest thing that high tech thermal clothing does is manage moisture. That’s particularly important for sportspeople. Imagine you go for a walk up a big hill on a cold winter day. When you’re working hard on the way up you’ll start to sweat. Thermal fabrics will help move that moisture away from your skin and evaporate it away so you don’t feel wet and cold on the way down.

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Winter Warmers: Men’s Gloves and Undies

On certain winter mornings, the cold can make gearing yourself up to go to work seem an unimaginable feat. However, if your wardrobe is adequately equipped, this need no longer be such a daunting task. With specially-designed items such as thermal underwear, body temperature can be kept at a regular, comfortable level, without the restrictive movement that wearing lots of layers or a ridiculously large coat can generate.

Universal Textiles aim to offer stylish, practical and, above all, affordable clothing solutions for winter. Whether for men, for work, whether your job is something office-based or more hands-on, the cold weather can be made bearable and less of a worry. Our company sells men’s gloves and thermal underwear at reasonable prices to keep bodies warm, allowing you to work unhindered in the winter.

Our range of thermal undies is available in several colours for maximum wearability, and can make cold office environments or harsh outdoor temperatures easier for your body to handle by providing an insulating layer close to the skin. Even with a covered torso and legs, the extremities are often left exposed to the chill, but with men’s gloves and men’s socks from our website, all your digits can be protected, allowing for better mobility around the workplace. For trickier tasks, fingerless thermal gloves are also offered, keeping the hands warm but precision at an optimum, too.

There’s no need to be frozen this winter when purchasing a few simple essentials – practically designed and affordably priced – from Universal Textiles can ensure warm bodies and mobility.

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Baby Clothes and More: Family Textile Essentials

Universal Textiles has almost 25 years of experience in supplying textiles and clothing for a diverse range of functions – for home, family, and work – at affordable prices, which is an incredibly important factor for customers considering the current cost of living.

Being able to provide comfortable, warm clothing for your family is especially important in the winter months, and we are keen to ensure that, even on a budget, this can be achieved. The many textile-related items necessary for raising an infant – such as baby clothes and bedding – are essential, but can be costly. As our website shows however, these kinds of clothes and items needn’t be so expensive.

Thermal underwear, available in a variety of colours for practicality, can be the perfect solution to being warm in winter without paying through the roof for a cumbersome coat or struggling with an excessive amount of layers just to keep warm. It can also save on heating, making a large enough difference to your body temperature to make a potential difference to your gas bills!

Babies grow so quickly that their clothes quickly become redundant, and purchasing lavish, pricey clothing for them at this stage does not make good financial sense. Baby clothing from our site is beautifully designed and attractively priced, making it simple to dress your treasure in well-fitting new clothes at every stage.

Even if thermal underwear and clothes for babies aren’t necessary in your household, our site is filled with all imaginable textile products for homes and families, and every item is stylish, yet affordable.

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