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baby bibs

Baby Walker

A baby walker is a seat, usually with a table that your baby can sit in and pushing with their feet. Contrary to what the name may suggest, they are not designed to help your baby walk, rather to provide them with entertainment while they cannot yet walk.

Many parents love baby walkers, especially those with very active babies, and they are quite safe to leave your baby in as many come with a bumper to stop your baby crashing into stuff. There are a few tips to bear in mind when using a walker. Never leave your baby unattended whilst using a walker, be careful if they are using the walker in the garden as surfaces may be uneven and walkers are only suitable for babies older than 6 months.

Our baby walker is a 2-in-1 with a rocker incorporated, it also has an anti-slip grip to prevent the walker sliding down inclines and has an electronic musical activity toy to keep your baby entertained.

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Baby Gift Sets

We are currently in the midst of a baby boom, in which some areas of the country the birth rate has risen by 50 per cent, and is the highest birth rate in 40 years, which has been attributed to the popularity of 50 Shades of Grey during the Summer.

It’s a safe bet that someone you know is pregnant right now, if not infact yourself. So what better way to treat your friend’s, relative’s, or colleague’s little bundle of joy then a baby gift set?

Our baby gift sets are available in a wide variety of choices, for either a boy or girl, or unisex if the gender is unknown, and consist of a cute little matching outfit. We have a 6 piece set which consists of a romper, mittens, booties, bodysuit, bib and hanger, or a 10 piece which includes a t-shirt, pants/bottoms, bib, cap, burp cloth, booties, 8oz Bottle, comb and brush and bag, everything a new mother would need. So whatever the occasion: baby shower, christening or birthday, find the right gift set here!

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Baby Bibs For All Kinds

Feeding time for children can be messy, and keeping food in the bowl, in their mouths, or simply off the floor can be a real trick! Most parents find baby bibs the most effective way of keeping children, and their baby clothes, clean during meals. Luckily, bibs have become extremely simple in many respects, and creative and imaginative to boot. Parents can start viewing bibs as a handy part of meal times, as well as an accessory to what a child is wearing during key parts of the day.

One of the main things to consider when it comes to baby clothing such as bibs is how easily it is to put them on and take them off. For fussy or energetic children, cheap baby clothes such as bibs with snaps or buttons could be far too much hassle when parents already have a lot on their hands. Baby bibs that incorporate Velcro are becoming more popular and are quick and convenient.

However, if your child is old enough to manage taking off the bib, then perhaps a better solution is a bib that covers the front of your child, including the sleeves. This not only makes it more difficult for them to wriggle out of, but also gives a more comprehensive cover of the baby clothes you would prefer they kept clean (for at least part of the day).

There are many designs that focus on complete coverage, from dress-like bibs to long sleeve wraps. The style you decide is the one that best suits your needs.

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Gifts For Babies

If you’ve recently found that a member of your family or a close friend is welcoming a new arrival into their household, you may be wondering how you can acknowledge this in the form of a gift.

Truth be told, new parents are likely to appreciate gifts that are practical more than anything particularly lavish. Babies go through clothes, bibs, bedding and shoes or baby booties extremely quickly, and it can therefore be a good idea to buy some of these as gifts for a new baby.

Here at Universal Textiles, amongst our range of baby wear and other accessories are baby gift sets. These are particularly ideal if you are undecided about which sort of practical gift is most ideal, as they incorporate baby clothes for boys and girls in a variety of styles, such as sleep suits, bodysuits, hats and bibs all in one set.

We also supply all of these items individually if you do have your heart set on buying a particular gift. Our packs of baby bibs are themed around popular children’s characters and come in packs of up to seven bibs.

We also have a wider range of packs of baby clothes such as body and sleep suits, available in the typical gender colours of blue and pink as well as gender neutral yellow. For something more unique, these baby clothes can also be bought with certain patterns on them, and with an added hat to match.

Here at Universal Textiles, we aim to provide one of the widest online ranges of baby clothes to suit all preferences and occasions. You’re sure to find something to your liking on our website.

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Budget Baby Clothes And Essential Accessories

When baby arrives, it’s easy to feel like he or she needs the best of the best where every item is concerned. This is not really the case, and by budget shopping on certain items some of that valuable cash will be freed up. After all, university is only eighteen or so short years away!

The fact is that babies need very little other than their mothers straight away – nappies, some baby clothes, a warm blanket, cot (bypass the expense of a crib or bassinette), car seat, and a few other peripherals.

Re-usable nappies are a great idea, as this is the most environmentally-sound option and can save you hundreds of pounds a year.

Baby wear should include some baby sleepsuits, babygrows, warm outside suit, hat and booties. A warm blanket is essential even in the summer months. Breathable materials are best for baby’s clothes and blankets, even in winter, as they allow moisture to escape whilst keeping baby warm and comfortable. Our “Baby Cellular 100% Cotton Cot Blanket” is 100% cotton (the best breathable material around!) allergy-free and a fantastic bargain.

Some items of baby wear, for example, baby bibs, are a great area to be thrifty on simply because there is no point in spending tons of cash on a piece of fabric that catches food (and other unmentionables!) Baby bibs tend to come in multi-packs to compensate for their constant use. All the baby bibs on in our online store are absorbent and machine washable.

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Tips For Buying Baby Wear For Parents To Be

If you are waiting until the birth to find out if your baby is a little girl or a boy, it can be very difficult to choose baby clothes in advance. Your baby will not mind as long as the material is breathable and comfortable. But for the parents, it will be more confusing, so it is best to follow a few rules when buying baby wear.

When buying baby clothes or baby bibs for a boy, you do not have to just stick to blue colours. Other options are grey, green or beige colours. Likewise you do not only have to buy baby dresses and baby shoes for little girls in pink. You could choose lilac, yellow or orange. Other safe bets for both little girls and boys are cream, white or green. Baby clothes can be made more exciting and more unique by having funny phrases or pictures printed on to them.

Baby clothes
should be bought a few sizes too big as you do not want the clothes clinging to your baby’s skin. This will make it difficult for parents to dress their little one and will be unbearable for babies. It will also mean that they will grow out of the clothes quicker.

Baby shoes will need to be worn
with socks for extra comfort. Buy socks in colours that will complement and match the baby clothes you have already bought. Take this into account when buying baby bibs also as they will need to look good with other clothes.

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Baby Bibs As A Stylish Accessory

The main purpose of baby bibs is to keep baby clothes clean (and reduce the number of clothes being put in the washing machine). But more people are starting to see them as stylish accessories.

Baby bibs come in so many different colours and textures. They can be matched to different baby clothes, making outfits colour co-ordinated.  They can also be personalised to include your baby’s name or a funny message.

Parents can choose what messages they want on baby bibs and relatives can send personalised gifts to new parents by having a private message written on it. As your baby grows, a picture of their favourite cartoon character may take pride of place on their bib. This will also help develop your child’s imagination and creativity.

With more women working long hours, domestic chores such as washing baby clothes can pile up. Baby bibs are essential for busy parents and this is why it is even more important to make sure they match what your baby is wearing.

With their coordination skills developing, it is inevitable that babies will make a mess when eating, drinking or even playing. What is the point in spending money on expensive baby wear if they are going to be constantly dirty? But then again why spend the money on baby booties and clothes if they are going to be hidden behind a bib? The answer is that parents need bibs to complement the clothes they put on their baby and not hide them!

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Making Dinner Time A Breeze

We’ve all gotta eat, and as every parent knows nutrition is fundamental to a child’s development. Unfortunately, however, babies aren’t the best eaters in the world! If you really want your baby’s dinner time to go off with a hitch then you’ll have to pull out all the stops.

The first point is a serious one, and baby dinner time will only go without a hitch if your baby is eating the right food. With this in mind, specially formulated baby food is not only good for your baby nutritional but it is also engineered to appeal to a baby’s particular tastes.

Whilst there is always a serious aspect to baby care, this doesn’t mean that you can’t inject a little fun into the proceedings. And we’re sure you’re all familiar with the “here comes the aeroplane into the hanger” game, which is a simple way to make dinner time a little more fun!

One of the big challenges for a parent is that babies are more often than not messy eaters, and therefore in order to optimise baby feeding time you’ll want items like high chairs, baby wear such as bibs, and beakers. Linking to the last point, baby wear need not only be practical items, and they can also be fun items emblazoned with the latest cartoon characters, for example.

Whatever your looking for, whether its baby bibs or baby clothes, at Universal Textiles your bound to find what your looking for – and well on your way to making dinner time a breeze!

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Buying Baby Bibs on a Budget

Unfortunately, budgets are a fact of life for many of us. Having a baby can be an expensive business which makes budgets even more important, but luckily you can find plenty of baby bibs without breaking the bank – always a good way to protect those lovely baby clothes from the worst at feeding time.

Baby bibs get dirty incredibly quickly, so you don’t want to spend a fortune on them. Luckily most bibs are made out of washable materials that don’t cost the earth, so even if they’ve got past their best they can be replaced without too much of an issue.

But what about plastic bibs? They last longer and are completely re-usable no matter how dirty they get, but unfortunately they have price tags to match their convenience. They’re not the most environmentally friendly options either, so for a lot of people material bibs are the only way to go.

There are plenty of places you can go to find material baby bibs too, and if you’re on a budget you can’t get better than coming to us here at Universal Textiles. We have a great selection of baby bibs to choose from all at fantastic prices, and we don’t skimp on quality either so you can be sure that you’re getting the best.

As you can see, it’s perfectly possible to buy baby bibs on a budget. As long as you stick to material options you’ll have no need to worry, and can look forward to years of feeds without having to blow the budget. So, make sure you come to us here at Universal Textiles and see just what you can get for your money.

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