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baby booties

Baby clothes make a great gift

Bath Clothing available at Universal-Textiles.com

The arrival of a newborn baby into the world is a joyful occasion and one that merits celebration. So, when someone you know has a child, you no doubt want to express your congratulations by handing over a gift.

These days, there are many options when it comes to offerings of this kind. There is everything from teddies for youngsters to champagne for parents. However, one of the most popular and best forms of present remains baby clothes. After all, tots need a lot of garments in their early months.

Meanwhile, these items can be a great help to weary mums and dads, who often find it difficult to cope with the dramatic changes to their routines. For them, getting out and about to the shops can be tricky with a new infant in tow. So, having baby booties, baby clothing and other such things bought for them can be a huge help.

Also, becoming a parent is not cheap, and so any practical assistance they can get is bound to be welcomed.

The great thing is that thanks to firms such as us here at Universal Textiles, it has never been cheaper or easier to source baby clothes. We pride ourselves on providing excellent products at great value prices and, by coming to us, you should have no problem in finding the perfect items well within your budget.

Our special gift sets can be the ideal present to give to friends, family members, colleagues and other such people when they start a family.

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Your one stop shop for baby clothing

Baby Shoes available at Universal Textiles

Like many people, you might often be strapped for time and so shopping trips may sometimes be impossible to fit in. After all, if you head to your local town or shopping centre to buy products, you have to factor in the journeys to and from the location, the time it takes you to make your way around the shops and any queuing you have to engage in.

So, you might struggle to get all the baby wear and other such items that you need.

However, there is a simple way to avoid this problem and that is by searching for baby clothing over the web. This is the most straightforward method of sourcing the items. All you need is a spare few minutes and access to the internet.

You can even make purchases in cyberspace while you are on a break from work, or when you have a small window of free time in the evening.

Here at Universal Textiles, we stock a vast array of baby wear. Whether you are after baby booties, bodysuits, garments for tots to sleep in or anything else, we should have the perfect offerings for you.

From gorgeous dresses and adorable dungarees to comfy cuddling ensembles, we really do have it all, meaning in many ways you can see us as your one-stop-shop for baby shoes and clothes.

And our extensive range of products does not end there. We also provide helpful items such as bibs, towels, blankets, cot bedding, baby walkers and much more. So, when you are seeking items for your little ones, you might well benefit from perusing our catalogue.

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Comfy baby clothing is crucial for summer

Baby Summer Clothing available at Universal Textiles

These days, there is a vast array of baby clothes on the market, which is great news for parents and consumers in general as it means they should never be stuck for choice.

Of course, when it comes to baby clothing, aesthetics are important. Every doting mum and dad wants their tots to be clad in garments that show them off at their cutest. However, comfort is also vital. After all, if their clothes are not comfortable, they will suffer and this is the last thing anyone wants.

This is never more true than during the summer. Already the mercury in thermometers around the country is rising and sun cream sales are increasing. While adults know what to expect during the warmer months, infants do not have the same insight and experience.

Often, they can become overheated and irritable. However, it is possible to make them feel more at ease. By investing in cool and light baby clothes that do not restrict their movements, parents can reduce the risk that they will become disgruntled.

Here at Universal Textiles we stock a considerable range of items that are perfect for hot conditions, as well as more substantial items designed for cooler periods.

Of course, as well as buying baby booties and garments that are appropriate for summer, it is also important that parents are careful and do not expose their youngsters to too much sun. At this stage of their lives, they are extremely sensitive and an overdose of UV rays can be very damaging.

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Summer Baby Clothes

Children who are born in the summer months really need very little in the way of baby clothes to begin with. The main things which need to be considered when thinking about summer baby clothing are whether fabrics are soft and breathable enough, and whether designs offer ease of access to make tasks such as nappy changing easier.

Newborn babies often have a propensity to move their limbs quite enthusiastically as they are still not entirely in control of their own movements. It normally takes a few weeks for this to subside, so you need to make sure any clothes you buy at this stage allow a good degree of movement. Nappy changing is also going to be a frequent necessity around this time so buying baby clothing like bodysuits and sleepsuits can help to speed up this enviable task with their easy access poppers.

Newborn babies’ sleep patterns can often be erratic in the summer months, as they are new to the world and of course aren’t used to the concept of fluctuating temperatures. Although sleepsuits are fine to use when summer nights are a little cooler, a bodysuit in conjunction with a light sheet can often be a better choice for the season. You may also want to invest in a number of sleeveless vest cardigans and sweatpants in soft, breathable fabrics to help deal with extended periods of warm weather.

For everything from baby booties to sleep suits, browse our great range here at Universal Textiles.

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Bombastic baby booties

Baby wear which is high quality, stylish and yet affordable has become the holy grail of online shopping. However, at Universal-Textiles.com we have a great selection of cheap baby clothes and we are particularly proud of our brilliant baby booties. For special occasions such as first birthdays, christenings or any type of family celebration, the jewels in the crown of our baby booties selection are our baby girl christening shoes in pure white with luxurious lace attachments.

These shoes will make any baby girl look just like a fairytale princess. Unlike other sites, we cannot be accused of stocking a large selection of cheap baby clothes whilst ignoring the necessity of great baby booties and shoes. Indeed, our selection of booties is bountiful and boundless. We know no boundaries when it comes to the provision of baby footwear, and another great example from our selection are our soft suede-look baby shoes in blue with beautiful butterfly pattern and trendy white laces.

For school, we have great baby boys shoes in black with easy-to-use strap and comfortable upper as well as tough and flexible soles to cope with all the rigours of the classroom and playground. Our red baby sports shoes with strap are extremely popular and are offered at an amazingly low price. These superb sports shoes are great for any budding Leighton Baines, Manny Pacquiaos or Anderson Silvas as they are designed to be used for a variety of sports, cross training activities and energetic play activities.  For more outstanding options please visit our website today.

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Occasion Wear: Best Baby Shoes

If there’s one thing we love about babies, it’s their adorable little fingers and toes (and when they have the good manners to sleep quietly through Top Gear). Choosing the best baby shoes for your baby’s delicate little feet needn’t be much of a chore, particularly if you think of these few important points while browsing our online collection of baby booties, baby sandals and baby shoes.

It’s all about balance

Without balance, we can’t walk. When taking their first steps, babies need to practice their balance skills. Many babies do this by pulling themselves up to a standing position using the couch, your hands, the dog’s tail, etc. It’s important to make sure their baby shoes acclimatise them for the best possible balance. Your baby will probably have learned a few balancing skills barefoot anyway, which makes the importance of baby shoes that fit properly a matter of physical development as well as comfort.

Be prepared to get limited use

If you’re investing in occasion wear baby shoes, be prepared for the fact they may not fit in another three to six months. Babies’ feet are very sensitive, so never force a shoe onto their little feet, even if it’s just for the duration of a wedding ceremony.

We do our best to keep prices as low as possible, and with some of our bestselling occasion wear baby shoes selling for less that £5, we think you’ll agree we’re doing a pretty good job of it. Browse our website today and see the cheap baby clothes we can offer.

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Sleeping Like an Angel: The Best Baby Wear

Babies spend a massive amount of time sleeping; gurgling away in their happy little dreamland of kittens, giant bottles of tasty milk and snugly blankets. Choosing the best baby wear for your child is terrifically important, as simple considerations like style and fabric can have a massive effect on how well your baby slumbers.


Short or long sleeves? Baby booties or not? If your baby is having trouble sleeping, it could be something as simple as them not being comfortable in their babygro. Before panicking and assuming the next few years of sleep will be fractured beyond repair, try a few different styles of baby sleep suits.

Sleep suits should be loose enough to allow free movement (it’s important baby’s growth is not restricted in any way) whilst keeping your baby’s delicate skin covered and protected from scratches or chills.


Many babies suffer from infant allergies, which is why we make sure our ranges of anti-allergy baby clothing products stay cheap and cheerful through the entire year. Most babies sleep easier in 100% cotton, but don’t worry about it costing the earth. Cheap baby clothes like our online ranges are designed with baby’s comfort and your wallet in mind.


Babies grow incredibly quickly, making the expansion of their wardrobe an ongoing consideration. We know you want cheap baby clothing if possible, which is why we do our best to keep prices down, particularly in terms of everyday baby clothes and sleepwear.

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Don’t forget Your Nearest and Dearest Back Home

The modern world seems to be getting smaller and smaller. There was a time when it took six weeks’ sailing to reach Australia’s west coast, whereas we can now journey Down Under in less than a day (or, to put it another way, about seven in-flight movies). With so many people venturing far and wide around the globe, remembering those back home takes on increasing importance.

Celebrating the birth, birthday, first tooth, first world, or any of the big milestones in the life of a baby is easier than you might think when you’re 4000 miles away, mulling over which 4×4 to bounce around the Australian outback in.

Similarly, if you’re back in the UK missing a celebration in any of our delivery destinations, we can take care of it. We deliver to more than thirty-five international destinations, including the USA, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong. Baby booties, baby clothing, it doesn’t matter – all of our products can be safely delivered to the doors of your favourite people and their gorgeous babies.

Our baby clothing collections are totally adorable, and extremely well detailed to help you make the best baby wear choice online. A few tips though; babies grow FAST, so make sure you have the most up to date measurements to help you choose the best baby clothing for your lovely little friend. Our international deliveries are all sent by Airmail, which usually takes around ten days, so give yourself plenty of time when getting baby clothes in time for a special occasion.

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Love men’s gloves

Universal-textiles.com, the same people who regularly bring you the best baby wear and baby booties,  now bring you men’s gloves for the winter, summer, driving or just posing.

First in our men’s gloves range are our superb men’s knitted thermal gloves, available in grey, blue, green or black, and ideal for those cold winter mornings. They are one hundred per cent acrylic and offer great thermal warmth, and are currently on sale at a superb value price.

Our men’s gloves range continues with men’s magic gloves, with grip in grey/blue, grey/burgundy, black/grey and black/burgundy colour options. These comfortable and high quality gloves feature a tough grip, which makes them ideal for driving whilst keeping hands and fingers warm and flexible. Alternatively, our men’s gloves in fingerless form are available in blue, black or green. These gloves keep hands warm but allow for digital and manual dexterity as fingers remain free to cope with intricate tasks.

We also stock a great range of men’s gloves with spandex in variations of a stripy design that are stylish and functional. These gloves are ideal for snowball fights with the kids, tobogganing, walks in the woods or park, and general winter activities. We also offer Thinsulate men’s gloves in regular, fingerless and fleeced gloves, with palm grip for the ultimate in warmth, protection and durability.

Men’s gloves are an ideal present for birthdays, anniversaries or any other occasion as they are both practical and fashionable. For baby wear, baby booties, men’s, women’s and children’s wear, be sure to visit www.universal-textiles.com every time.

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Great deals on baby clothes to be found online

If you are eager to source cheap baby clothes, you should make sure you make full use of the web. The internet is a fantastic resource when it comes to the level of choice available, but more importantly in your case, you do not have to break the bank in order to get the items.

Here at Universal Textiles, we can provide you with all the baby clothes you could need, including baby booties, dresses and sandals. Because of our efficient operating model, we can offer you low prices, ensuring that you get a great deal. This may be particularly crucial if you have just started a family, as the cost of raising youngsters is rising all the time and can place you under considerable strain.

Also, tots grow out of their attire so fast when they are babies, so it may be a waste of money splurging on expensive baby clothing. Making sure your little one is kitted out can be particularly difficult during the festive season as a result of the all the other expenses that are incurred at this time of year.

You may well have to buy presents for your other family members and for your friends and colleagues. Combined with the cost of festive eating and drinking, this can prove a considerable burden, so the last thing you want to do is overspend on baby clothes. By being shrewd and shopping at sites such as ours here at Universal Textiles, you can ensure you keep your spending down.

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