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Brilliant baby boy clothes

Baby clothes can be extremely expensive, and it can be very difficult to find high quality cheap baby clothes which are stylish and comfortable yet durable.

At Universal-Textiles.com we specialise in brilliant baby clothing for baby boys which is available at amazingly low prices. The great thing about the baby clothing which we sell as part of our extensive clothing selection is that we often offer entire cheap baby clothes outfits at bargain basement prices. However, the only thing cheap about these clothes is the price tag, because in terms of style and quality, they belong in the most exclusive of boutiques.

One of our most popular items is the combination dinosaur design t-shirt, shorts and hooded waistcoat design outfit, which is scarily stylish and terrifyingly cheap. We also stock baby boy patterned socks which are a great compliment to any boys outfit and will ensure that his shoes and trainers fit snugly and securely.

Alternatively, we have a great three piece football design set which includes a superb soccer ball design t-shirt, trendy gilet waistcoat, and rollicking red shorts. This outfit is made from cool and breathable 100% cotton, yet is totally machine washable. We also stock baby boys animal design pop-over bibs and football design bobs with Velcro straps for all of the dribblers in your family, as well as baby boy tracksuits and winter romper suit coats.

We haven’t forgotten bedtime of course, and we have a great selection of pyjamas, sleep suits and allergy free bodysuits which will keep little ones warm and cosy in the winter months and all year round.

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Terrific thermal underwear

As well as cheap baby boy clothes and baby girl clothes, universal-textiles.com stocks the ultimate selection of thermal underwear, which will see you through the harsh winters of Europe and North America.

If you enjoy outdoor pursuits such as hunting, camping and fishing, thermal underwear is an essential addition to your kitbag. Our mens’ thermal underwear long johns will keep your legs cosy and comfortable in the cold and allow for great flexibility, promoting blood circulation and preventing frostbite and chills. These long johns are perfectly complemented by our thermal underwear short sleeve t-shirts, which have a great thermal rating and can be worn underneath shirts and jumpers inconspicuously in the office, at sporting events or in any indoor or outdoor location.

Our men’s thermal trunks look like ordinary underpants and are just as comfortable, but they are amazingly warm and are a great item that, once worn, you will return to again and again. For the ultimate in cosiness and comfort, we suggest that you try a man’s thermal clothing all in one union suit which combines upper and lower body thermal underwear protection in one piece perfection.

We like to call our ladies long johns ‘long Janes’ because they offer all of the warmth and comfort of the male counterparts but are specifically styled to fit the female form perfectly. Wes stock ladies thermal underwear t-shirts and panties as well as boys and girls thermal clothing to go with our fantastic baby shoes collection, so you can be sure that all of the family is stocked up for winter.

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Best for baby boy and girl outfits

Universal-Textiles.com is the premium online source for baby boy clothes and baby girl clothes. Since 1986, we have been sourcing quality baby clothing from all around the world in order to pass on magnificent savings to our valued customers.

If you check our site regularly you can find some fantastic deals on baby clothing sets such as our dinosaur design t-shirt and short set which includes a hooded waistcoat and is available at am amazingly low price. Alternatively, how about some great baby girls clothes? We have cardigans in cream or even a baby girl pink dress with fantastically pretty flower designs and matching headband.

Furthermore, we stock four piece girls clothing combinations in pink animal designs, pink pretty girls designs and other fabulous styles. Our unisex, allergy-free romper suits look cute on boys and girls alike and come complete with bib; made from one hundred per cent cotton they are ideal for protecting babies’ sensitive skin. Baby boys clothes are also offered in sporty designs, such as our football design three piece set, featuring a hooded sleeveless vest top, shorts and t-shirt in a subtle and stylish soccer design for all budding Beckhams.

We have a comprehensive selection of girls’ dresses, baby shoes and boys’ sports, leisure and classic clothing designs, with something to suit every taste and budget.  Universal textiles always manage to find the best girls’ and boys’ clothes on the market and dedicate ourselves to passing on superb savings to our valued customers.

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Cheap baby clothes

Universal-textiles.com is the best place to look online for cheap baby clothes. We currently stock a fantastic range of baby boy shoes and baby girl shoes which offer your little one comfort and style, and our prices really have to be seen to be believed. For example, we offer baby girl shoes in pink and white with a flower design and laces for less than five pounds. These quality baby girl shoes are low price but of high quality; the ultimate combination for customers.

For those special occasions, we also stock baby girl shoes in white with lace trimmings, which are perfect for christenings and weddings. Our baby boy shoes in blue with lace are also fantastic value for money and look like miniature baseball boots. For trendy baby boys, we have baby boy shoes in a blue and beige strap design which look stylish and sharp. We also have baby boy shoes in a sporty design with red colours and fashionable Velcro straps which will be the envy of every baby at nursery.

Our rage is further bolstered by branded Fifi and the Flower Tots and Dora the Explorer girls’ booties, which are all the rage for children who love these modern classic children’s entertainment ranges.

Universal Textiles specialise in cheap baby clothes, and nothing is more important to us than ensuring that your little ones’ feet are protected as they develop, so choose us every time for cheap baby shoes and booties, we are the bees knees for baby boots and trainers.

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Buy baby clothes online to avoid festive chaos

The UK is currently experiencing one of its busiest times of the year for shopping and the chaos in shops and on high streets across the nation is likely to get worse before it gets better.

Parents desperately hunting down presents and baby for their children at the last minute, panic stricken men and women trying to find something thoughtful for their other halves and people stocking up their fridges and freezers as though they were expecting a global catastrophe all contribute to the frenetic scenes.

And when you factor in the nightmare of parking, the often bare shelves and the threat of icy wind and rain, the whole experience of hitting the high street can seem like a nightmare. Also, not only are you likely to come away feeling stressed, but you may also be empty handed. Retailers might simply not have what you are after or may have sold out.

In order to avoid such problems, it can help to use the web to source items. Whether you are seeking cheap baby clothes, baby booties, baby dresses or any other such product, you may benefit from heading online rather than climbing into your car.

This way, you do not have to contend with crazed consumers or with inclement weather conditions. And as well as being easier, this method of shopping can be cheaper as online retailers benefit from cost savings which they are able to pass on to consumers. Also, the selection of baby clothes and baby shoes in many cases is greater over the internet.

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How Does Thermal Underwear Work?

Now that winter is well on the way we’re all feeling a bit of a chill in the air. Those who enjoy outdoor activities will be feeling it more keenly than most and it’s the perfect time to invest in some quality thermal underwear from Universal Textiles. In addition to our popular range of baby boy and baby girl clothes and other baby wear, we sock a range of thermal products for adults and children of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

It’s easy to assume that thermal tops and leggings just provide another layer of clothing between you and the winter chill but there is a little more to it than that. Modern thermals are pretty clever in the different ways they work to keep you warm and comfortable when it’s cold outside.

First of all, a layer of close fitting fabric right next to the skin reduces airflow and the slight draughts that would normally travel up loose trouser cuffs and down the arms and necks of jumpers. This means less heat is lost trying to warm up the air in between you and your outer clothing. Secondly, the fabrics we and other quality manufacturers use is quite special. It’s much warmer than a normal cotton or polyester material for the same kind of weight.

Maybe the smartest thing that high tech thermal clothing does is manage moisture. That’s particularly important for sportspeople. Imagine you go for a walk up a big hill on a cold winter day. When you’re working hard on the way up you’ll start to sweat. Thermal fabrics will help move that moisture away from your skin and evaporate it away so you don’t feel wet and cold on the way down.

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Adorable, Practical Baby Wear

What your baby wears is important. If clothing is uncomfortable, made with unsuitable fabrics and of impractical design, it is ineffective as baby clothing. Baby clothes should be soft and comfy as well as fashionable and attractive. But this needn’t mean paying adult clothing prices in high street stores for something your child will grow out of incredibly quickly. At Universal Textiles, the needs of families – particularly new parents – are understood, and this is why we aim to provide beautiful baby clothing that is both priced and designed with practicality in mind.

For any season or occasion, our website has items of clothing for your baby boy or girl, from dresses and shoes to baby booties and all in ones, all made using adorable fabrics with cute colours and patterns. All items are designed with sensitive skin taken into account. It is easy to purchase a full daily wardrobe for a fraction of the high street price with a large variety of several-piece sets for both boys and girls available in our simple to operate online baby wear catalogue.

Other textile-oriented items necessary for bringing up a new baby – such as towels and cot bedding, for example – are also offered at great prices. We understand exactly the needs and funds of a family with a new baby in the mix, and aim to provide everything essential in terms of baby clothing and other important linens, designed adorably and made even cuter by price tags as teeny as your baby!

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Cheap Baby Clothes

Bringing a new baby into your home can be as expensive as it is rewarding, and at the rate that babies grow in the early stages, buying baby clothing can drain your funds rapidly. Every mother dreams of dressing her newborn in adorable outfits that are comfortable, warm, and stylish, and with Universal Textiles’ cheap baby clothes, all of these gorgeous items imagined by mothers are available at affordable prices, making it simple to dress a new baby boy or girl in beautiful baby clothes. Your child can be covered head to toe in soft new garments without the high street price tags, which seem futile and ridiculous at such a young age.

With all in ones, dresses, and matching sets available for several stages of growth, finding attractive, practical baby clothing is made simple with our company’s easy-to-navigate online catalogue. Mums can stock up on cute garments and ensembles, ensuring that baby always has something adorable to wear, whatever the weather or the occasion.

In addition to these cheap baby clothes, we also offer other accessories for raising babies including items such as blankets and bedding, ultra soft baby towels, bibs and booties. We also provide non-textile necessities such as walkers and rockers.

Our company has family in mind and understands the stresses of bringing a teeny new member into the family. This is why we seek to provide a lot of the essentials at family-friendly prices, catering for cuties without costing the fortune that mums could expect to pay elsewhere.

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Baby’s First Steps: The Importance Of Baby Shoes That Fit

When baby pops into the world, baby’s foot bones are mostly cartilage, making them just as delicate as the rest of your wonderful little bundle. It’s essential to allow baby’s super cute little tootsies to develop freely.

The general consensus amongst experts and parents alike is that babies simply don’t need to wear shoes with the same specifications as adults until they’re walking. In fact, the best time to buy your baby’s first pair of baby shoes is just as they’re being to toddle about! We provide an optional delivery service to get the goods to you for the next working day, so baby won’t have to wait long. Some of our most popular items are the Baby Boy/Baby Girl “Teddy Pattern with Strap” shoes. They’re supportive, adorable and comfortable for baby’s first steps!

The best type of shoes for pre-walkers are baby booties. These are mostly to keep baby’s feet warm and protected from their environment. Make a cup of tea, settle down and browse our romper suit collection for the most suitable (and cute!) choices for baby. Baby clothes with built-in baby booties are a great option to make sure your pre-walking baby is protected without any growth or movement being limited.

Once baby is walking, we recommend you get their feet measured every six to eight weeks. Another expert tip is to check baby’s feet thoroughly at bath time, as sometimes injuries or abnormalities could go unnoticed.

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