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baby dresses

Choosing Baby Clothes for Holidays in the Sun

Going away on a sunshine holiday with your baby can be a very exciting time for all concerned. However, packing the right baby clothes is essential to ensuring your little one enjoys their holiday as much as you do.

UV protection

When travelling to sunny climes with a very young child, buying UV protection baby clothing is essential if you think you will be spending quite a bit of time outside. It can also be wise to take several sun hats for your baby so that you will always have a spare to replace any that go missing.

Covering up

Cotton and linen clothes with long sleeves, as well as long trouser leg lengths (or dress lengths), can help to keep your baby comfortably covered if you absolutely have to go out at the hottest times of the day. Clothes with long sleeves/leg lengths can also help to provide protection from insect bites in the evening too.


Body suits and cotton short-sleeved tops can be useful at bedtime as they can help to keep your baby nice and cool. However, if your holiday accommodation has air-conditioning then you may need to have a few sleepsuits at hand to ensure your baby doesn’t feel the chill quite so much. Although air-conditioning can be beneficial for adults, it can be quite uncomfortable for very small children.

Whether you need sun hats or baby sandals, Universal Textiles is a one-stop shop for all your baby clothing needs.

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Beautiful baby dresses

Baby Dress available at Universal Textiles

As well as everyday cheap baby clothes, at Universal-Textiles.com we stock a great range of beautiful baby dresses and baby girl shoes which will make any little girl the absolute centre of attention at school parties, friend’s celebrations and family events.

We know that high quality, subtle and classy baby dresses can be extremely expensive, but because of our specialised sourcing techniques, we are able to offer our valued customers a comprehensive selection of cheap baby clothes, including dresses and baby girl shoes for special occasions and everyday use.

We stock great value christening dresses in ivory and baby pink, with exquisite stitching and design detailing as well as super summer dress and hair band sets. We also have lovely butterfly print design dresses for girls which will look amazing on summer days, and are completely machine washable and are made from super cool 100% cotton.

For customers who feel that they still require a winter dress for their daughters or granddaughters, we have a great dress set with dress, cardigan and undershirt in either pink or beige.  Our baby girl shoes are also inspirational and we stock many style options which you can combine with any of our dresses; including a blue and pink flower design with lace, which resembles a girly baseball boot, a pink teddy pattern sports shoe style, a pink star design pair and a pink butterfly design option.

For all of your baby girl dresses and baby girl shoes as well as great clothing choices for boys, Mums, Dads, Grandfathers and Grandmothers, always check out the best bargains available at Universal-Textiles.com

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Baby Clothes Buying Guide: What’s a Good Investment?

Babies are expensive. Well, they are by reputation at least. Since we spend a lot of our time sourcing baby clothes, baby shoes and cute accessories, we’ve become dab-hands at knowing the best places to invest your cash, and the best places find cheap baby clothes.


Baby’s skin is very sensitive, which could mean you need to invest in high quality cotton for your baby. All our baby wear is designed with sensitive baby skin in mind, so don’t worry about our cheap baby clothes being inferior or less cosy than more expensive counterparts.


Babies spend a lot of time sleeping (if you’re a lucky carer) which makes the importance of comfortable sleepwear fundamental to your baby’s mood (we all know what tired, sleep deprived babies are capable of). A few sets of 100% cotton baby pyjamas or sleep suits shouldn’t set you back more than an average of around £10.


Your baby’s day clothes are likely to come under all manner of attack (particularly from mashed carrots and dribble). You name it; the baby clothing will see it in real life colour.

If there’s one thing worth investing in, it’s outerwear. A good quality baby coat or suit can protect your baby from chills in cold conditions.

Occasion Wear

Some people love nothing more than to spend oodles of cash on their baby’s going-out outfits. In the spirit of honesty and frugality, it’s worth remembering that your baby may only wear a special outfit once before growing out of it. If you’re too tempted though, go for a single great item like a coat or dress.

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Buy baby clothes online to avoid festive chaos

The UK is currently experiencing one of its busiest times of the year for shopping and the chaos in shops and on high streets across the nation is likely to get worse before it gets better.

Parents desperately hunting down presents and baby for their children at the last minute, panic stricken men and women trying to find something thoughtful for their other halves and people stocking up their fridges and freezers as though they were expecting a global catastrophe all contribute to the frenetic scenes.

And when you factor in the nightmare of parking, the often bare shelves and the threat of icy wind and rain, the whole experience of hitting the high street can seem like a nightmare. Also, not only are you likely to come away feeling stressed, but you may also be empty handed. Retailers might simply not have what you are after or may have sold out.

In order to avoid such problems, it can help to use the web to source items. Whether you are seeking cheap baby clothes, baby booties, baby dresses or any other such product, you may benefit from heading online rather than climbing into your car.

This way, you do not have to contend with crazed consumers or with inclement weather conditions. And as well as being easier, this method of shopping can be cheaper as online retailers benefit from cost savings which they are able to pass on to consumers. Also, the selection of baby clothes and baby shoes in many cases is greater over the internet.

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If you want baby clothing gifts, look no further

If you know someone who has recently given birth or is about to, you may well be looking for presents to hand over in honour of the new arrival.

A perfect present for mums can be baby clothes. After all, youngsters go through their clothing quickly due to the rate at which they grow, and it can be tricky for parents to get out to the shops often enough to keep up.

There is no better place to source baby dresses, baby shoes and other baby wear than here at Universal Textiles. Our prices are low compared with many other retailers and not only this but we also have sale items on offer.

This means that you can get more for your money, which is not only great news for you, but also for the recipients of your gifts. You may choose to use the money you save on our great value products to purchase other items to go alongside them. This could really help the new mum and dad, as they can never have too many items of baby clothing for their child, and you could even buy clothing for different age stages, providing the parents with a head start for coming months.

Not only is sourcing goods from us inexpensive, but it is also convenient. You don’t have to spend an age trawling around shops seeking what you want. Rather, you can just browse the contents of our site, make an order and then wait for the items you chose to arrive at your door.

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Buying Baby Clothing Over the Internet

Everyone knows that high street retail sales have dropped significantly since the start of the global recession, but what most people don’t realise is that there’s one sales sector that continues to enjoy strong growth across all industries. Internet sales are still rising in the UK and around the world.

In fact it might be the recession that is driving more people to shop online – for baby clothing, sporting equipment, home furnishings, and even everyday groceries or anything else you care to name – because it’s the best place to find bargains. Online retailers cut costs by not having to maintain a shop front that needs to be paid for, maintained and staffed so they can pass those savings on to their customers.

Competition in the online retail world is very high because it’s so easy to compare prices between sites and nobody is restricted to just looking at prices offered by companies in their local area. We sell baby dresses and baby booties and all kinds of other clothes for little ones, and we sell to anyone in the UK from central London to the remotest Scottish Glen. You’re free to compare our prices against other online shops and see who is offering the best products for the best prices. We’re confident that you’ll find Universal Textiles a pretty good choice.

The very best thing about buying online is that you can do it all from the comfort of your own home whenever you want. When you shop on the internet, we’re always open!

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Proudly British made

At Universal Textiles we believe that keeping British manufacturing alive and well is important, not just when the economy is booming but yesterday, now, and in the future. For years big textile companies have been moving their factories and warehouses overseas where wage bills and operating costs are lower, and the recent sharp economic downturn has accelerated this sad trend as businesses scramble to cut costs.

Unfortunately that just makes things worse. Every British made pair of mens socks or baby booties means work for someone, somewhere in this country. Take that away and jobs will be lost. Not only does that mean higher unemployment and more people having to claim benefits, it also means that the items that were once made on our own home soil now need to be imported. That’s bad for the economy and bad for the environment when more freight is shipped around the world.

Where at all possible we try to stock goods made right here in Britain. The more baby dresses are manufactured here, the more we’re doing our bit to help the economy recover. Each one we sell is an investment in a secure, stable and profitable manufacturing sector that will provide jobs and good quality textiles in the future.

Because we think you should know when an item is made in the UK, we’ve labelled some of our products with that information. That way you’ve got an extra incentive to pick an item of clothing or homewear that’s manufactured in Britain.

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Picture Perfect Baby Dresses

Have you got a special occasion coming up? Perhaps a family photo, a wedding, or another special gathering? If you have a little girl, you’ll probably be excited to pick out cute new baby dresses or outfit for her. In fact, special events can be the perfect opportunity for you to get new baby clothing for your children and snap charming photos of them to keep for years to come. The trick will be in keeping them clean and out of trouble while you try!

There are plenty of styles, patterns, and colours to choose from when it comes to baby clothes and dresses. The traditional dress has even benefitted from more retailers offering a whole outfit to complement, aside from simply just the dress. Matching shoes, headbands, or cardigans can eliminate the issue of trying to bring together a single outfit while shopping from several retailers.

For pictures, these matching outfits can really bring everything together and offer a cute ensemble for your child. Any additional accessories also make these outfits a bargain if you’re looking to purchase more than one outfit for the occasion.

If you are less concerned about keeping to a formal dress code, perhaps think about combining other baby clothes with a simple dress to make a unique outfit. Shorts that match or complement the rest of the outfit can look great with the right dress, giving a sportier impression. No matter what you decide on, in the end, there are a range of dresses available for your picture perfect day.

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Tips For Buying Baby Wear For Parents To Be

If you are waiting until the birth to find out if your baby is a little girl or a boy, it can be very difficult to choose baby clothes in advance. Your baby will not mind as long as the material is breathable and comfortable. But for the parents, it will be more confusing, so it is best to follow a few rules when buying baby wear.

When buying baby clothes or baby bibs for a boy, you do not have to just stick to blue colours. Other options are grey, green or beige colours. Likewise you do not only have to buy baby dresses and baby shoes for little girls in pink. You could choose lilac, yellow or orange. Other safe bets for both little girls and boys are cream, white or green. Baby clothes can be made more exciting and more unique by having funny phrases or pictures printed on to them.

Baby clothes
should be bought a few sizes too big as you do not want the clothes clinging to your baby’s skin. This will make it difficult for parents to dress their little one and will be unbearable for babies. It will also mean that they will grow out of the clothes quicker.

Baby shoes will need to be worn
with socks for extra comfort. Buy socks in colours that will complement and match the baby clothes you have already bought. Take this into account when buying baby bibs also as they will need to look good with other clothes.

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Baby Wear For Hot Summer Days

On a hot day, the last thing you want to do is dress your baby in too many baby clothes. Like their parents, babies want to feel comfortable in high temperatures. But you do not need to jeopardise baby style for practicality or to protect them from the sun’s harmful rays.

Loose fitting baby booties and clothes
are the perfect option as they are easy to put on your little one. Summer baby wear will also be made from lighter materials such as cotton.

When buying baby clothes, look for light colours, elastic waist bands or baby wear which opens from the bottom. This will help make dressing easier in hot weather and will help your baby’s skin breathe, making him or her feel more comfortable. It will also make your job easier as you will not have to spend as much time bothering with baby booties, fussy buttons and zips. This is great if you are also trying to cool yourself down in the heat.

Baby dresses are an option for little girls as they will keep the air circulating around their skin, keeping them cool. The bottom will be open, meaning little girls will feel cooler when wearing baby dresses. Baby boys can wear shorts and t-shirts to stop them becoming cranky with the heat.

In hot weather, you may choose not to put a hat on your baby as this may trap heat. If you are worried about protecting him or her from the sun, invest in a parasol for your buggy.

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