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baby shoes

This week’s giveaway!

Following the huge success of our Facebook competition last week, in which we featured Family Guy Socks, this week the prize is Baby Shoes.

These are great quality baby shoes. Perfect for casual wearing, with a comfortable fit. Made with 80% Polyester and 20% Cotton, and they are seriously cute!

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is go to our Facebook Page here and like the picture. (You may also have to like the page if you have not done so already) and the winner will be chosen at random next Friday. Good Luck!

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Baby Shoes and Booties

Baby shoes and booties are very important for a very young child. They can be used to help keep the baby warm on a cooler day or for support when they start to toddle. Dressy shoes look fantastic when a child is going to a party or a special occasion and who would not want their baby to look great?

Baby shoes and booties come in a variety of styles. They include sandals, dress shoes, and trainers. There are also some designed as boots made from warm but soft fabrics. The boot styles are both available in pink so perfectly suited to little girls, and a black flower design is available. For baby boys there is a great choice of shoes, sandals, and trainers. The colour range of blues, blacks, and greys means they will match most little boy’s outfits just fine.

The baby shoes and booties come with several different fastens. Lace up or Velcro is very popular with smaller children as buckles tend to be too awkward or fiddly for smaller fingers. Velcro fastenings make the footwear easier to slip on and off when needed with much less fuss.

The baby shoes and booties are available in a wide range of sizes from zero to three months up to 18 months. Some of the footwear is available for older children too, up to a baby size ten. As babies tend to grow very quickly this could mean outgrowing the footwear rapidly, but at the low prices, buying several pairs is very affordable.

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Stock up on baby clothes in advance


Baby Sleepsuits available at Universal Textiles

If you are preparing to start a family, you might well be feeling a mix of emotions. The prospect can be one of the most exciting and dramatic events in your life and it is likely to have a profound impact on your existence.

Becoming a parent can be a wonderful feeling, but it is important that you prepare thoroughly for the new arrival. After all, it is not easy being a new mum or dad and you are likely to experience fatigue and pressure to begin with.

Therefore, to make your life easier, you should consider stocking up on important items such as baby clothes in advance. If you start purchasing such offerings with a while to go before the birth, you can ensure you have what you need when your child arrives.

Also, this is a good way of spreading the cost. You will feel the financial impact less if you buy the products you need in stages. As well as baby shoes and baby clothing, this applies to other items too, such as the furniture you will need for the nursery.

Of course, you are likely to get some clothes as presents from your loved ones, but you should not rely completely on this.

In order to get your hands on great value baby clothes, you can come to us here at Universal Textiles. We specialise in providing such items at low prices. And the best thing is, in order to get your hands on the offerings, all you need is a spare few minutes and an internet connection.

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Your one stop shop for baby clothing

Baby Shoes available at Universal Textiles

Like many people, you might often be strapped for time and so shopping trips may sometimes be impossible to fit in. After all, if you head to your local town or shopping centre to buy products, you have to factor in the journeys to and from the location, the time it takes you to make your way around the shops and any queuing you have to engage in.

So, you might struggle to get all the baby wear and other such items that you need.

However, there is a simple way to avoid this problem and that is by searching for baby clothing over the web. This is the most straightforward method of sourcing the items. All you need is a spare few minutes and access to the internet.

You can even make purchases in cyberspace while you are on a break from work, or when you have a small window of free time in the evening.

Here at Universal Textiles, we stock a vast array of baby wear. Whether you are after baby booties, bodysuits, garments for tots to sleep in or anything else, we should have the perfect offerings for you.

From gorgeous dresses and adorable dungarees to comfy cuddling ensembles, we really do have it all, meaning in many ways you can see us as your one-stop-shop for baby shoes and clothes.

And our extensive range of products does not end there. We also provide helpful items such as bibs, towels, blankets, cot bedding, baby walkers and much more. So, when you are seeking items for your little ones, you might well benefit from perusing our catalogue.

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Choosing Baby Clothes for a British Holiday

As everybody knows, Britain is a country blessed with dramatic landscapes and dramatic weather. Because of this, extra consideration is needed when choosing which baby clothing will keep your little one adequately safe and happy on a British family holiday.

Before you go

If you are taking a very young baby on holiday then you will need to take at least three changes of baby clothes a day (if not more) to cope with all the inevitable dribbles and accidents that will happen. It can also be handy to have plenty of disposable bibs in your luggage just in case there are no normal ones available.

Good weather days

Take at least two or three swimming outfits (with UV protection) to make the most of those days when the sun does decide to shine and going for a paddle in the sea or a swim in the pool is possible. A good quality sunhat should also be worn to provide extra protection.

Bad weather days

A waterproof all-in-one can often be a good idea when the heavens open and the rain sets in for a few days. All-in-ones with fleece linings can provide extra warmth, while overbooties can also help to keep your baby’s feet dry. Naturally, the best way of dealing with inclement weather is to stay inside as much as possible.

If you want high-quality baby clothing and baby shoes at unbelievably low prices then spend some time with us here at Universal Textiles.

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Winter Baby Clothes

Baby Winter Coat available at Universal Textiles

Children born in the winter need to have baby clothes which can easily be layered. At this time of the year, babies need to be kept cosy without getting over-heated in the clothes they wear. Two of the best baby clothing options to achieve this are body suits and sleepsuits

Body Suits

Body suits can be very useful for babies to wear in the winter months. A body suit is always handy because some of them have long sleeves while some have short, but all of them cover your baby’s tummy and keep them warm, which is the most important thing.


Newborn babies can be kept nice and snug in the winter by wearing complete sleepsuits. It is tempting to buy sleepsuits which are a bit too big in the belief that your baby will grow into them but all that will achieve is having leg lengths which are far too long. This can create complications when your baby is trying to move so be sure to buy sleepsuits which are a suitable size.

One of the most convenient aspects of using sleepsuits in the winter is that you can easily transfer your baby straight to bed without having to change them or wake them. However, if your baby remains in a sleepsuit at night-time, it is best not to put them into a sleeping bag as this can sometimes result in them being too hot.

Universal Textiles – for the very best in baby clothing and baby shoes.

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Considerations When Buying Baby Clothes

Buying clothes for a baby can be a bit more difficult than many people think. Below are a few things that need to be considered when buying baby clothing:

Newborn-three months

When buying clothes for a very young baby, safety should be your chief concern. When selecting clothes, examine them closely to see if there are any buttons, ribbons, or snaps which could be pulled off and so represent a possible choking hazard. Baby clothes which have velcro and zips on the back can be very handy at this age.

Six-nine months

Buying lots and lots of clothes for newborn babies is quite unnecessary because they grow so fast. However, when a baby reaches 6-9 months they grow a little slower, so you can indulge your inner-shopper and buy lots of baby clothing. Buying babies of this age clothing which in a size too big can be beneficial as they will have plenty of room to grow.

12-24 months

This is the period in a child‘s life when they start to play, have tantrums and undress themselves. When buying clothing for children of 12 -24 months, it can be very helpful to choose durable clothes. Having clothing that can be easily undone but which won’t rip can help to stop a child of this age getting irritated and throwing tantrums.

To view our great range of baby clothes and baby shoes, spend some time with us here at Universal Textiles.

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Bombastic baby booties

Baby wear which is high quality, stylish and yet affordable has become the holy grail of online shopping. However, at Universal-Textiles.com we have a great selection of cheap baby clothes and we are particularly proud of our brilliant baby booties. For special occasions such as first birthdays, christenings or any type of family celebration, the jewels in the crown of our baby booties selection are our baby girl christening shoes in pure white with luxurious lace attachments.

These shoes will make any baby girl look just like a fairytale princess. Unlike other sites, we cannot be accused of stocking a large selection of cheap baby clothes whilst ignoring the necessity of great baby booties and shoes. Indeed, our selection of booties is bountiful and boundless. We know no boundaries when it comes to the provision of baby footwear, and another great example from our selection are our soft suede-look baby shoes in blue with beautiful butterfly pattern and trendy white laces.

For school, we have great baby boys shoes in black with easy-to-use strap and comfortable upper as well as tough and flexible soles to cope with all the rigours of the classroom and playground. Our red baby sports shoes with strap are extremely popular and are offered at an amazingly low price. These superb sports shoes are great for any budding Leighton Baines, Manny Pacquiaos or Anderson Silvas as they are designed to be used for a variety of sports, cross training activities and energetic play activities.  For more outstanding options please visit our website today.

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Children’s character clothing

Universal Textiles has become synonymous with baby wear, cheap baby clothes and baby shoes. In fact, for over twenty five years, we have supplied thousands upon thousands of customers with the best deals available on cheap baby clothes and baby shoes. However, we pride ourselves on our ability to keep pace with the latest trends, so we always stock a range of trademark character clothing which features kids’ favourite superheroes, cartoon characters and sporting teams.

Action man is a brand which has been stimulating and inspiring boys for generations and is still going strong in the twenty-first century. We have a great range of Action Man products including sleeping bags, beanie hats, baseball caps and beach towels. If your son or daughter is a die-hard Gunner, then we have all of the Arsenal clothing, bedding and memorabilia which they could possible fit in their room. From Arsenal wall stickers, to Arsenal duvet sets and pillow cases, Arsenal ponchos to Arsenal beach towels, we definitely have the lot.

Beautiful Barbie dolls, accessories, books and play sets have entertained millions of little girls worldwide and we stock everything your family Barbie fan could possibly want; from Barbie bath, hand and beach-towel sets, to  Barbie fleece blankets,  and from Barbie duvet sets to Barbie California Girls ponchos. Of course, the most wonderful thing about Universal Textiles is that we stock wonderful things, and some of the most wonderful are our Tigger and Winnie the Pooh products. For fans of the perpetually popular children’s tales, we have duvet sets, ponchos, gloves, hat and scarf sets, and brilliant bouncy Tigger caps.

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Occasion Wear: Best Baby Shoes

If there’s one thing we love about babies, it’s their adorable little fingers and toes (and when they have the good manners to sleep quietly through Top Gear). Choosing the best baby shoes for your baby’s delicate little feet needn’t be much of a chore, particularly if you think of these few important points while browsing our online collection of baby booties, baby sandals and baby shoes.

It’s all about balance

Without balance, we can’t walk. When taking their first steps, babies need to practice their balance skills. Many babies do this by pulling themselves up to a standing position using the couch, your hands, the dog’s tail, etc. It’s important to make sure their baby shoes acclimatise them for the best possible balance. Your baby will probably have learned a few balancing skills barefoot anyway, which makes the importance of baby shoes that fit properly a matter of physical development as well as comfort.

Be prepared to get limited use

If you’re investing in occasion wear baby shoes, be prepared for the fact they may not fit in another three to six months. Babies’ feet are very sensitive, so never force a shoe onto their little feet, even if it’s just for the duration of a wedding ceremony.

We do our best to keep prices as low as possible, and with some of our bestselling occasion wear baby shoes selling for less that £5, we think you’ll agree we’re doing a pretty good job of it. Browse our website today and see the cheap baby clothes we can offer.

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