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Bart Simpson

Choosing Children’s Lunchboxes

Getting children to eat healthily can sometimes be a struggle, particularly when sending them out to school with a packed lunch.  There is no guarantee that they will eat what is put in the lunch box. It is said that packaging can make the contents more attractive, so opting for a lunch box that they can be proud of can be a step in the right direction.

There are plenty of different designs available for children’s lunchboxes and the trend at the moment is to opt for a character design.  All the favourite cartoons can be found on lunch box designs, from Disney characters to Bart Simpson.

The Phineas and Ferb lunch box is very popular.  The box is made from a blend of PVC and polyester and these two synthetic fibres make it very easy to look after.  The lining is PEVA and the box can be kept clean by just wiping it over with a damp cloth.  The box should not be immersed in water at any time, as this could be very damaging.  The lunch boxes are perfect for taking to school and each has a name tag, so that it can be easily identified if more than one child has the same box. The boxes measure 24cm x 21cm, which is the ideal size and will hold sandwiches, drinks and fruit at the same time.  Girls might prefer the Minnie Mouse lunch box, which has a pink background but is the same size and offers all the same benefits.

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Buying Guide to Children’s Duvet Cover Bedding Sets

There are a number of things to be taken into consideration for decorating when it comes to children’s bedrooms, and children’s duvet cover bedding sets is one of them. Some children like to have their room decorated with a theme connected to their favourite cartoon characters, but their tastes change regularly and redecorating every few months is not practical. Adding a cartoon cover duvet set is an easy way to ensure that the child has the style they want and the budget remains intact when their tastes change.

Popular children’s duvet cover bedding sets at the moment include Bart Simpson, Fireman Sam, In the Night Garden, Winnie the Pooh, Peppa Pig, My Little Pony, and Bob the Builder. Disney characters remain popular and feature Disney Princesses and Fairies, and Cars. No matter what the child’s tastes, there is a set to suit. Fortunately, these are available at reasonable prices, so giving the child the design they love will not cost a lot of money.

The sets include a duvet cover and pillowcase of a standard size and some are made from 100% polyester. This synthetic fabric allows for quick and easy drying of the sets after washing. Polyester also has a longer life span than some natural fibres. Some designs are 50% polyester with the remaining 50% as cotton. This is ideal for those who prefer a natural fibre but want the same benefits offered by a synthetic one.

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Buying Guide to Kids Beach and Bath Towels

One way in which parents can help to make a trip to the beach a little more fun is to purchase kids beach and bath towels separately.  Kids will love it if they have towels of their own and by choosing towels that feature their favourite characters then parents can be sure that children will feel a little more special.

The Peppa Pig combined towel and poncho – the “towcho” – is hooded and ideal for younger children.  The towel simply slots over the child and it can make it easier to dry them off after a dip in the sea or the swimming pool.  Peppa Pig is also available in a standard beach towel.  Older girls may like the “Groovy Chick” poncho design.  These are not hooded but are again perfect for getting children dried off.

For older boys there is a Spiderman three piece towel set featuring a face towel, hand towel and bath towel, which is ideal for use on the beach.  These work out to be good value and are a good way of encouraging boys to have a wash!  Alternatively the Bart Simpson three piece set is also available, as well as other designs.

Other designs include Thomas the Tank Engine, My Little Pony, Barbie, Dora the Explorer and a variety of Disney Characters.  Most of the kids beach and bath towels are made from 100% cotton, which is a natural fibre and the material has been designed to be absorbent.

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Buying the Right Children’s Caps

<img class="alignleft size-full what ifs? of american history wp-image-527″ title=”utkc392″ src=”http://blog.universal-textiles.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/utkc392.jpeg” alt=”” width=”125″ height=”105″ />When the weather is warm, it can be really hard to persuade a child to wear any kind of hat. However, these are essential in the summer months to protect the child from the harmful rays of the sun and to keep them safe from heat stroke. Children’s caps are the ideal way to get around this problem as they look stylish and are perfect for playing on the beach or in the park.

The caps are often 100% cotton, which is perfect for christie brinkley book allowing the skin to breathe and for preventing the child’s head from becoming too hot. Cotton is a natural fibre that is subject to normal wear and tear, the dark lemony snicket but for a product with a little more resilience, a cotton and polyester blend might be better. Polyester is a synthetic fibre that is designed to stand up to a great deal more than cotton.

Plain caps in a single colour can be matched to different outfits. These are ideal for children and, as the prices are very low, buying several in different colours should be cost effective. They will keep the children happy, as they can mix and match their colours.

Other caps have designs on them. Sports teams and cartoon characters are among the most popular. Younger children especially will like the Thomas the Tank Engine children’s caps and the Little Miss caps. Older children might prefer Power Rangers and Bart Simpson. Either way, the range that is available means that there is something for everyone.

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Kid’s Caps

There is a wide selection for kid’s caps on the market. They come in various styles and designs. Children’s caps can also feature their favourite cartoon or TV show character. These can make an excellent gift for kids. The plain children’s caps and hats are ideal as they can match any outfit for the fashion conscious child.

Kid’s caps are also ideal for holidays or days out in the sun. They are a quick and easy way to protect the child from the sun while still managing to look casual. Baseball caps and hats for kids are also very cost effective.

Many of the popular kid’s caps have adjustable straps at the back, making them suitable for all head sizes. Velcro fastening makes it easy for children to adjust the size on their own. There are also several unisex styles. The plain baseball caps can be worn by both boys and girls; however, there are a range of hats to suit just boys, and hats to suit just girls.

The pink Minnie Mouse hat is perfect for little girls. Pink is often a favourite colour of girls and the style of this cap is very feminine. Little boys are more likely to prefer a style such as the Bart Simpson baseball cap or the Action Man Atom Gear It Up cap.

For smaller children there is a range of baseball caps with designs such as Fifi and the Flower Tots or Bob the Builder. Mr. Men and Little Miss designs are classics and remain very popular.

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