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Stress Free Spring Cleaning

Springtime can mean many things to many people. Whether it’s the celebration of new life or simply the end of a long, hard winter, there are lots of things to look forward to (including those Easter eggs). However, it can also mean that spring cleaning is on the horizon. But if the idea of shifting sofas and spending hours de-cluttering doesn’t really appeal to you, check out our guide to giving your home an easy and affordable face lift.

A great way to make a big difference in your home is to rethink your existing colour schemes. Tired of a bland, beige living room? Spice things up with a few touches of red by pairing these Fleur De Lis Design Cushion Covers with these Copper Red Luxury Faux Silk Curtains. Little changes like this are sure to make an impact in your room of choice, without the hassle of removing and replacing larger items.

Getting your kids involved with the yearly clear-out may seem a near impossible task, but one way to ease the transition is to include some familiar, friendly faces in their re-designed rooms, and make sure that they have some input too! Whether it’s the Ben 10 Duvet Set, these Hello Kitty Storage Boxes or the Thomas The Tank Engine Floor Mat, whatever they’re into, there’s something for everyone!

Tired of tatty old textiles lurking in the bathroom? Replacing your towel set is another great way to add new life to a room with minimal effort. The 6 Piece Embroidered Cotton Towel Gift Set will do the job nicely, and at 100% cotton, comfort and quality are guaranteed. Try pairing these with this 2 Piece Fish Pattern Bath And Pedestal Mat Set to easily refresh your bathroom.

When it comes to bedrooms, comfort is a must. So if you’re tired of itchy winter bedspreads and looking to add a few new, stylish touches, there’s no better time than now. This Flower Pattern Embroidered Quilt And Duvet Set will do the job nicely, and in single, double and king size, you can bring a new look to your bedroom however big or small. Try matching this with these Flock Print Tab Top Curtains to give the room a fashionable, modern look.

Click here to check out our full range of home textiles for further inspiration!

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Bath Mats

Bath mats are in inexpensive way of brightening up your bathroom and completely transforming it, making it feel much more cosy and warm. Their main use is a warm and soft way of drying your feet.

They are usually made from absorbent fabrics such as Cotton or Olefin which provide high quality softness and quick absorption.

Many bath mats these days come with matching items such as a pedestal mat for round the base of your toilet and a toilet cover for your loo seat.

Our range of bath mats come in a myriad of colours and designs to suit any bathroom, whether your decor is modern or traditional. Browse our range here and brighten up your bathroom today.

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Luxury Towels

We use towels every day, for drying our hands, for when we get out of the shower or the bath. So you may want to treat yourself to a bit of luxury when choosing a towel as they are something we use so regularly.

Towels originated from the City of Bursa in Turkey, and the city is still noted for the production of Turkish towels. In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams, towels are described as “about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have.” Egyptian Cotton Towels are seen as the highest quality of towels for their softness, strength and superior characteristics and we stock them here.

There are several types of towels, Flannels, which are used for cleaning your face and are the smallest. Hand towels, which as the name suggests are for drying your hands. Bath towels, which you would use for drying yourself and the slightly larger bath sheets for really wrapping yourself up in. We also have children’s towels for the beach or for making bath time fun.

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