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Choosing Men’s Underwear

Men’s underwear is something that can get forgotten about until your last pair is full of holes and turned grey. So with the new spring, why not treat yourself to some new underwear and clear your drawer out. But there are many different types of men’s underwear so how do you know which ones to choose?

There are three main types of pants. Boxer shorts have an elasticated while the legs are long and loose fitting. They usually have a fly with or without buttons, the waistband is usually wider than briefs and bears the brand name. Boxer briefs are similar to boxer shorts, but generally shorter and more form fitting. Y-fronts or briefs have an elasticated waist and the leg sections do not extend further than the groin.

We stock all varieties of underwear so you are sure to find a pair that’s comfortable for you. Browse our range here.

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Ladies Briefs

Underwear is an all year essential, you when you’re clearing your wardrobe out for this year’s new clothes, why not stock up on some new knickers?

Briefs were first sold in the UK in 1938, and they were so popular that in 1948, every member of the British Olympic team was given a free pair. Traditional briefs cover the upper thigh to the navel, as this style is referred to as the “full rise”, there are also “low rise” and “mid rise” which can vary between manufacturers.

Our briefs are mostly made with 100% Cotton and come in a variety of colours and patterns. We also have some with a lace trim, just to add that touch of detail.

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