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Cotton towels

Choosing Egyptian Cotton Towels

We all like a taste of luxury in our life. This taste for small indulgences extends to every part of our lives, from quality cars right down to shoes.  One opportunity for pampering that should not be overlooked is bath time, and adding luxury there is easy when choosing Egyptian cotton towels.  For a long time these were considered far too expensive for those with a less than healthy bank balance, but they are now more widely accessible.

Egyptian cotton towels have the benefit of being very soft and highly absorbent.  The weight of the towels is 550gm for each square metre and Egyptian cotton has been proven one of the strongest types of cotton in the world, due to the length of the fibres.

Unlike other types of towels, which tend to show their age after a while, Egyptian cotton has the added benefit of becoming softer with each use.  The fabric ‘settles’, and as a result, towels made from this fabric will last much longer than ordinary towels. This particular luxury is also an investment.

The towels are available in a variety of sizes and colours.  The bath towels are very popular, and there is a selection of coordinating face flannels and hand towels making them easy to match. A popular option is the embroidered towel.  Each is marked with the towel type and the embroidery is in a contrasting colour to the towels, which are either white or cream.


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