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Little Pony

Buying Guide to Children’s Duvet Cover Bedding Sets

There are a number of things to be taken into consideration for decorating when it comes to children’s bedrooms, and children’s duvet cover bedding sets is one of them. Some children like to have their room decorated with a theme connected to their favourite cartoon characters, but their tastes change regularly and redecorating every few months is not practical. Adding a cartoon cover duvet set is an easy way to ensure that the child has the style they want and the budget remains intact when their tastes change.

Popular children’s duvet cover bedding sets at the moment include Bart Simpson, Fireman Sam, In the Night Garden, Winnie the Pooh, Peppa Pig, My Little Pony, and Bob the Builder. Disney characters remain popular and feature Disney Princesses and Fairies, and Cars. No matter what the child’s tastes, there is a set to suit. Fortunately, these are available at reasonable prices, so giving the child the design they love will not cost a lot of money.

The sets include a duvet cover and pillowcase of a standard size and some are made from 100% polyester. This synthetic fabric allows for quick and easy drying of the sets after washing. Polyester also has a longer life span than some natural fibres. Some designs are 50% polyester with the remaining 50% as cotton. This is ideal for those who prefer a natural fibre but want the same benefits offered by a synthetic one.

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Buying Guide to Kids Beach and Bath Towels

One way in which parents can help to make a trip to the beach a little more fun is to purchase kids beach and bath towels separately.  Kids will love it if they have towels of their own and by choosing towels that feature their favourite characters then parents can be sure that children will feel a little more special.

The Peppa Pig combined towel and poncho – the “towcho” – is hooded and ideal for younger children.  The towel simply slots over the child and it can make it easier to dry them off after a dip in the sea or the swimming pool.  Peppa Pig is also available in a standard beach towel.  Older girls may like the “Groovy Chick” poncho design.  These are not hooded but are again perfect for getting children dried off.

For older boys there is a Spiderman three piece towel set featuring a face towel, hand towel and bath towel, which is ideal for use on the beach.  These work out to be good value and are a good way of encouraging boys to have a wash!  Alternatively the Bart Simpson three piece set is also available, as well as other designs.

Other designs include Thomas the Tank Engine, My Little Pony, Barbie, Dora the Explorer and a variety of Disney Characters.  Most of the kids beach and bath towels are made from 100% cotton, which is a natural fibre and the material has been designed to be absorbent.

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Buying Guide to Kid’s Swimwear

There is nothing better during childhood than splashing around in the water at the beach or pool, and there are plenty of options when buying kid’s swimwear.  Kids participating in swimming classes may prefer to have one of the plain swimming costumes that are available.  These are standard swimming costumes for the girls and trunks or shorts for the boys. For other occasions such as holidays, more brightly coloured costumes are available. Boys can opt for the looser style of shorts with the elasticated waists, rather than the fitted versions.

Many styles feature favourite cartoon characters.  For girls, the ‘My Little Pony’ style is very popular and for the boys there are several designs featuring characters from the Disney ‘Cars’ films.  Alternatively, flowery patterns are popular for holiday kid’s swimwear.

Serious swimmers might prefer some of the endurance swimwear styles.  These are designed to fit well and give a smooth shape for better speed in the water.  One option is the boy’s ¾-length wetsuit.  This is made from a blend of polyester and Lycra and zips up the back for convenience.  There is also a full-length version of the wetsuit that is designed for girls.

Many of the swimming costumes contain Lycra, a synthetic fibre that is also referred to as elastane.  This fabric adds elasticity to a garment and helps to keep the garment’s shape. It is always blended with other, usually synthetic, fibres.  It is used in a wide range of garments but it is particularly useful for sportswear.


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How to Choose Kid’s Swimwear

Kid’s swimwear allows children to be cool on the beach while still being flexible enough to allow them the freedom to run, swim, sit, and play as much as they like. Swimwear for children is often manufactured with bright colours or with designs such as favourite TV show characters. Boys can chose between the classic trunk style and the highly fashionable swimming shorts style, while girls have the choice of either one-piece costumes or two-piece swimsuits.

Kid’s swimwear for boys includes both plain and patterned prints, bright colours, and the more understated black and dark blue colours. The bright red Disney Cars swimming shorts means your little boy will really stand out from the crowd while playing on the beach or by the pool.  If your boy prefers to do a lot of swimming, perhaps the Lycra swimming trunks or shorts might be more suited. These swimsuits are less water resistant which helps to make swimming easier and more enjoyable.

Little girls have a wide selection of options in the kid’s swimwear range, and the Girls Butterfly Design swimming costume comes in a pack of two, making it more cost effective. The My Little Pony Swimming Bikini is very feminine and suitable for every little princess.  However, if your daughter is more fashion conscious, she will know that stripes are the latest fashion trend. There is an available choice of both a one-piece striped swimming costume and a bikini top and shorts set that she is sure to love.

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