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Long Jane

Choosing Women’s Thermal Underwear

Ladies need never go cold in winter. There is an entire range of women’s thermal underwear from which to choose. There are both tops and bottoms in different styles and there is bound to be something to suit every taste. The Long Jane’s are ideal for wearing under trousers, jeans, or even a long dress, as they have a slightly cropped leg that makes them extremely versatile. The t-shirts come in several arm lengths, making them perfect to fit under most tops.

Long Jane’s and long sleeve thermal tops are also ideal for loungewear or sleepwear in the winter. They are soft against the skin and completely cosy. The flexibility of these items means that even the most restless sleeper will find they remain comfortable throughout the night.

There is also a range of thermal panties for those who prefer a shorter leg length without losing the warmth. These are ideal for under shorter skirts or dresses. When matched with the short sleeve t-shirt, these are a great sleepwear or loungewear choice for spring and autumn weather.

The vest tops are very versatile. They can comfortably fit under other vests, t-shirts, blouses or jumpers for those who need an added bit of warmth. All of the tops can be worn independently, meaning they are suitable without another top covering them.

Most of the range of women’s thermal underwear comes in white, making them perfect under most clothing. Several pieces are available in black as well, and are generally preferable to white for wearing under dark coloured clothing.

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Buying the Right Women’s Thermal Underwear

There is a wide range of women’s thermal underwear available, which means that there is something to suit all tastes and budgets.   Modern women’s thermal underwear is machine washable and durable, offering excellent value for money.  The range of options allows women to select items that can be easily worn under existing outfits, and they come in a variety of colours to make matching easier.

The female version of the Long John is known as the Long Jane.  These offer maximum warmth and can be found with no side seams, ensuring good levels of comfort.  They are available in a wide range of sizes and fabrics, including a viscose and polyester mix, with varying combinations for different designs.  Long Jane’s are not always practical so a pair of thermal panties is ideal for wearing with skirts.  These are available in the viscose and polyester mix as well.  The blend of fibres ensures that the moisture is kept away from the skin to keep the skin as warm as possible.

The range of T-shirt tops to match come in both long- and short-sleeved types. Designers recognise that women like to have the freedom to wear thermal underwear under all styles of clothes. With this in mind, there is a thermal sleeveless vest that can be teamed with different styles of tops.  The vests in the range of women’s thermal underwear are available in long and short versions with both high and standard cut backs.


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