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Buying Guide to Children’s Underwear

As with every aspect of purchasing children’s clothes, buying children’s underwear is something of a minefield.  Children are particularly fussy and sometimes it is difficult to know what they would like.  However, parents understand the need to be practical and this is often difficult to match with the latest fashions.

As a practical item, vests are essential.  They can help to keep out the cold on winter days and come in a range of styles.  Girls in particular are particular about vests; they like them to be pretty as well as warm.  Vests are available in packs of two and come in a range of designs.  They are also easy to care for, as they are machine washable.

Boys in particular like to choose character designs for their underwear. Available character designs include Spongebob Squarepants and characters from the film ‘Madagascar’.  These are available in a range of bright colours and styles. Briefs are available in pack sizes ranging from two to five.

Of course, there are also plain styles of children’s underwear in more muted colours that are practical for everyday wear.  Boxer briefs are particularly popular with boys as they are simply a smaller version of the adult designs and can help to make them feel a little more grown up.  These are ideal for when they are playing sports, as they are comfortable to wear and offer more freedom of movement.  They also keep their shape when washed, so they last a long time.

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