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Manchester United

Men’s Football Pyjamas

Deciding what to wear for bed during the summer is fairly easy for women, but for men not quite so much. There is a range of sleepwear designed for football fans that would be ideal on warmer nights. The pyjamas have t-shirt tops with short sleeves and short leg bottoms. Each one has a football logo on it. There is a choice between a Manchester United set that has a black t-shirt top and black shorts. This is available in sizes from small to extra-large. The other Manchester United set has a red t-shirt top with short sleeve and black shorts. For those who would prefer, there is also a Liverpool football club design that has both red t-shirt top and red shorts. Both of these are available in sizes small to extra-large.

Each one of the men’s football club designed pyjama sets are made from 100% cotton. Being a natural fabric this means they allow the skin to breathe on warmer nights keeping the body cool, but are warm on a cooler night too, both of which can help the wearer to get a restful sleep. Being 100% cotton also means the pyjama sets are machine washable, so they are easy to keep clean and can be dried naturally on a washing line or in a tumble drier on a cooler heat setting. When ironing, it is a good idea to turn the top inside out or use a cloth over the design not to cause damage to the design with the hot iron.

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Fleece Throws for Winter

Fleece throws are fabulously versatile. Not only can they look great when used as an additional bed cover, but they can also be used as a blanket over the knees, as a shawl over the shoulders to keep warm on cooler day and as a cover when feeling poorly. Kids love having their own special blanket and it can give them comfort when they are not feeling well. Fleecy throws are not just for cold days and sick children, however. They can also be used like a play mat for children as a soft place to sit while they are having fun with their toys or even as a wall hanging to decorate a child’s room.

There is a wide range of fleecy throws available and they are suitable for both boys and girls of all ages. Boys’ designs include football team emblems and superhero images. The Manchester United fleece blanket is 100% genuine official Manchester United merchandise. As it is made from 100% polyester, it is suitable for machine washing, making it easy to clean. It is 240 grams per square metre, meaning it is thick and warm and is sure to be a welcome addition to any bed on a cold winter night.

Designs for girls fleece throws include Disney Princess and High School Musical images. The Disney Princess design would also make a stunning floor mat or wall hanging in any little girl’s room. Made from 100% polyester for easy cleaning, all Disney Princess fans are sure to be delighted to receive this throw as a gift.

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Buying Guide to Kids’ Nightwear

Kids’ nightwear makes an ideal gift at any time of the year.  Choosing long pyjamas to go in a Christmas stocking is a tradition in many households. However, summer nightwear as a gift for birthdays or Easter is also popular. The short and top sets help children to feel cooler on warmer nights.

Long pyjamas are suitable for both boys and girls and there are various colours and designs available. Girl’s long pyjamas often come in pinks and bright colours, which little girls love. The SpongeBob Squarepants pyjamas are an excellent example of this, with the pink bottoms and the bright yellow top with SpongeBob’s face on the front.  The short pyjama sets in pink are also perfect for little girls to use in the summer. There are several designs available including Fifi and the Flower Tots and Dora the Explorer.

Boy’s long pyjamas are available in many different designs including Ben 10 and Toy Story. Older boys might like pyjamas inspired by their favourite football teams. The selection of team pyjamas includes Manchester United, Liverpool FC and more.  Boy’s short pyjama sets come in designs such as Bob the Builder and Arsenal FC.

There are also some designs and colours suitable for both boys and girls such as the bright yellow SpongeBob Squarepants long pyjamas. Of course, the football team-inspired pyjamas are great for the sports loving little girl.

The In the Night Garden dressing gown is the perfect cover up for kids’ nightwear and suitable for both boys and girls. It will help to keep them a little warmer while playing around the house.

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The Perfect Towels for Adults

Egyptian cotton is considered the height of luxury. Egyptian cotton towels get softer and fluffier with each wash and are an excellent choice for any household. From the smallest size, the facecloth, to the largest size, the bath sheet that measures a very generous 90 cm x 150 cm, the quality of the towel is evident. Egyptian cotton towels can add a touch of luxury for a very reasonable price.

All of the sizes are available in a variety of colours. This means they can match almost any home décor to stunning effect with either a complimentary colour or a contrasting colour. For those who like to keep it simple, plain whites and creams are available, but the range of colour choice also includes black, china blue, and even purple for a more dramatic effect.

The Egyptian cotton towels are also a great gift idea such as for a housewarming present. The embroidered sets come in either white or cream and are sure to look lovely in any home. The Egyptian cotton towels cost less than many people imagine, although the luxurious feel of them can make them seem as though they cost much more.

There is also a range of towels made of 100% cotton in a beach towel style, which is perfect for holidays in the sun. For the sports fan in the home, there is also a range of football towels depicting several of the premier league team logos, such as West Ham United, Manchester United, and Newcastle United.

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