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Tips for Purchasing the Right Pair of Men’s Socks

Socks are often overlooked. Most men buy them without a thought or pick the first pair they see from their drawer and then put them on. Because socks are often bypassed as just regular articles of clothing, their quality tends to be ignored, too. What you might not know is that socks are not just underwear or protective articles of clothing for your feet—they must also work to minimise odour, keep your feet comfortable, and absorb sweat. With these in mind, you need to choose and buy your socks with care. Here are tips you can use when shopping for the best pair of men’s socks:

1) Not all socks are the same. They differ in the comfort they provide and the materials that they are made of. The best materials for socks are cotton, acrylic, and wool. These are natural fibres that help prevent stinky feet.

2) Use cotton for summer, wool for winter. Some socks are great for cold weather; some are best worn when the temperatures are high. Wool has natural insulating properties that keep your feet warm, but they tend to be thicker, making them more ideal when it’s cold. Cotton socks breathe, keeping your feet cool and dry when it’s warm.

3) Cotton socks have more variety in colour and design. Most manufacturers can create a wide range of socks from cotton, too, including trouser socks (for work and formal occasions) and athletic socks (for sports).

4) Check for allergies. Some people are allergic to wool, making cotton socks better for them. Be sure to buy socks made of 100% cotton to avoid allergic reactions and skin irritation.

5) No time to wash immediately after use? Go for wool socks. They’re low maintenance and do not need to be washed instantly after wearing. However, keep in mind that they require special care, such as requiring handwashing and air-drying. Never use a washing machine to clean wool socks.

6) Buy by the bulk. It’s cost-effective and you get two or more pairs for a cheaper price than when you buy socks separately.

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Cotton Socks – Best for Sweaty Feet

Sweaty feet can be bothersome and embarrassing because of the wetness and the odour cause. The good news is you don’t have to suffer from smelly feet. Wearing the right kind of socks can prevent sweat and odour while ensuring long-lasting comfort. Socks that are made of cotton are the best for sweaty feet.

Cotton socks breathe, so they effectively prevent sweat from building up as they are absorbed. The material dries fast, preventing bacteria build-up that often causes bad odour. Wet, sweaty feet invite a lot of bacteria to thrive and spread. Aside from causing the bad smell, the bacteria can cause fungus and feet infections, too.

When shopping for socks, avoid those that are made with polyester and nylon because they are made of synthetic fibres that can worsen your embarrassing condition. The best socks for sweaty feet are those that are made from natural fibres like cotton. It doesn’t matter what colour your socks are—as long as they are made of cotton, they can minimise the problems caused by sweaty feet.

Cotton socks are cooler because they breathe, making them perfect for summer or when the temperatures are high. They are machine washable, too, making them easy to clean. Cotton is a soft material and they hardly cause irritation or allergic reactions, so they are safe.

Some individuals tend to sweat heavily, so even the most high-quality or designer cotton socks may not provide the protection they need to prevent stinky feet and bacteria. In this case, sprinkle foot powder with deodoriser on your feet before putting on socks. That should help reduce the sweating and prevent stench. Avoid wearing the same socks twice without washing. If your feet and really sweaty, consider changing your socks a few times a day to keep your feet dry.

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Premium Thermal Socks

As a supplier of socks for over 25 years, we consider ourselves experts in the field. We stock a large range of socks made to keep you warm now the temperatures have dropped. To help you prepare for the cold months ahead (and to save a few pennies when restocking the sock draw), we’re offering newsletter subscribers an extra 15% off our entire range of socks next week.

As with our thermal underwear, we have worked for many years refining our premium thermal socks range so as to bring you the highest quality socks available, such as these FLOSO Men’s 1.9 Tog Thermal Socks (Pack of 6). A sock’s TOG (Thermal Overall Grade) rating is a measure of its thermal ability. Hence, the higher the TOG rating, the better it is at keeping you warm.

These close fitting thermal socks entrap heat and aid the regulation of the core body temperature. They also have high wicking capabilities which mean as well as maintaining heat they also rapidly extract moisture, keeping the feet comfortable. Our FLOSO socks are also knitted with high bulk acrylic yarn, giving them extra thermal warmth. An example of our premium FLOSO range is the FLOSO Ladies Thermal Wool Blended Socks (Pack of 3).

Being of such high quality, our thermal socks allow you spend prolonged periods in the cold and keep your feet comfortable. Thus they are perfect for winter sports. This is the case with our Mens High Performance Thermal Ski Socks, which have padded shin bone protection and ankle support. They also have a comfort fit top and grip zones allowing extra support.

Made from the highest quality fabrics, our thermal socks really are a winter essential. We have a wide range of Men’s, Women’s and Children’s thermal socks and stock Men’s in extra large sizes (UK 11-14).

To view our full range of Men’s, Women’s and Children’s socks, click their respective links.

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This week’s giveaway…

Following the huge success of our Facebook competition last week, in which we featured Boot Toppers, this week the prize is Family Guy Socks.

These are great quality mens socks. Perfect for casual wearing. Great for adding style to your footwear during the winter.

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is go to our Facebook Page here and like the picture. (You may also have to like the page if you have not done so already) and the winner will be chosen at random next Friday. Good Luck!

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Choosing the Right Men’s Socks

It can be difficult sometimes to persuade a man to try something a little different with socks.  Many see them purely as functional items – something to keep the feet warm and that is generally out of sight of the rest of the world.  This is probably why some men do not mind when socks develop holes!

However, men’s socks can be stylish and chosen to suit the outfit worn or the mood of the wearer.  A basic ribbed cotton sock is ideal for wearing on most days. Because these socks come in a variety of colours, they can be selected to match the outfit of the wearer.  This is a good idea for work wear as socks that stand out too much can be distracting for others.  They also come in a variety of lengths.  Some are short because many men opt for a short sock for daily wear. Others prefer a knee length sock. With this variety of preference in mind, both lengths are available.

Sports socks are another essential for most men.  They can be worn with trainers and are a mix of cotton, polyester, and elastane.  These are hard wearing and machine washable. They are an excellent value for the money as they come in multi-packs for a fairly low price.

However, some men prefer to wear something a little brighter. The neon coloured men’s socks are perfect for this.  They can be worn with an outlandish fancy dress item or used simply to brighten up a dull day.

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Thermal Investment: Buy Your Thermals Early

Thermal Underwear available at Universal Textiles

The spring is on its way (we hope), bringing to a close another snowy winter full of late trains, skidding cars, snowball fights and school Snow Days. So, what do we think next winter will hold in store for us?  Here in the office, we’re fairly certain next winter will bring more of the same. Did you know we don’t just stock baby wear? We carry a great selection of thermal underwear ranging from children’s thermal vests to thermal men’s socks, too.

The UK has never really been famous for predictable sunny weather, so to prepare for another freezing year of icy waits at the bus stop, tons of our customers visit us looking for cheap, reliable thermal underwear for use in the fields of camping, skiing, rock climbing, fishing, cold weather holidays, endurance exercises and much, much more.

Our bestselling thermal underwear products begin at under £4 – quite the bargain when you consider the important role your thermal underwear plays in maintaining health and happy activity in harsh conditions.

We know it’s not easy to shop when you can’t pick up an item, feel the fabric or try it on, which is why we try to describe our products as coherently as possible. By including customer reviews and our own unique ‘Thermal Rating’ five star system, we aim to make the process of buying online as easy as it is thrifty.

So, whether you’re stocking up ahead of this year’s cold end, or getting kitted-out for a year of chilly outdoor endeavours, don’t forget to browse our online catalogue over a cup of hot coffee.

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Magnificent men’s socks

Baby wear and baby shoes are not the only products that we offer to our thousands of satisfied customers: we also stock an amazing selection of men’s socks. Our six pack of superb plain men’s socks made from one hundred per cent cotton currently retails at bargain price. These comfortable and hard-wearing socks can be worn to work or with a suit to a social occasion such as a wedding, reunion or concert and are available in sizes six to eleven.

For those who appreciate a subtle styling twist, we also have men’s socks in cotton with a ribbed effect. These ribbed men’s socks are great value for money and have a soft elastic top for ultimate comfort. For diabetic customers, we have non-elastic topped men’s socks which are extremely comfortable, feature ribbed styling and are available in six packs of black, white, assorted light colours including earthy browns and creams, and assorted dark colours including perennial favourites grey and navy.

The brown set are ideal for wear with outdoor activity trousers, cords or country gear, and are both warm and comfortable. Alternatively, they could be worn with sandals and long shorts for a clever combination. The dark assortment pack features not only black, but also grey; perfect for various formal or suit combinations, and navy; which is a very good sock for all business outfits and various suits in shades of blue.

Combination packs offer great versatility and a sock for all occasions. Please check out universal-textiles.com regularly for all of your men’s socks needs.

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Terrific thermal underwear

As well as cheap baby boy clothes and baby girl clothes, universal-textiles.com stocks the ultimate selection of thermal underwear, which will see you through the harsh winters of Europe and North America.

If you enjoy outdoor pursuits such as hunting, camping and fishing, thermal underwear is an essential addition to your kitbag. Our mens’ thermal underwear long johns will keep your legs cosy and comfortable in the cold and allow for great flexibility, promoting blood circulation and preventing frostbite and chills. These long johns are perfectly complemented by our thermal underwear short sleeve t-shirts, which have a great thermal rating and can be worn underneath shirts and jumpers inconspicuously in the office, at sporting events or in any indoor or outdoor location.

Our men’s thermal trunks look like ordinary underpants and are just as comfortable, but they are amazingly warm and are a great item that, once worn, you will return to again and again. For the ultimate in cosiness and comfort, we suggest that you try a man’s thermal clothing all in one union suit which combines upper and lower body thermal underwear protection in one piece perfection.

We like to call our ladies long johns ‘long Janes’ because they offer all of the warmth and comfort of the male counterparts but are specifically styled to fit the female form perfectly. Wes stock ladies thermal underwear t-shirts and panties as well as boys and girls thermal clothing to go with our fantastic baby shoes collection, so you can be sure that all of the family is stocked up for winter.

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Proudly British made

At Universal Textiles we believe that keeping British manufacturing alive and well is important, not just when the economy is booming but yesterday, now, and in the future. For years big textile companies have been moving their factories and warehouses overseas where wage bills and operating costs are lower, and the recent sharp economic downturn has accelerated this sad trend as businesses scramble to cut costs.

Unfortunately that just makes things worse. Every British made pair of mens socks or baby booties means work for someone, somewhere in this country. Take that away and jobs will be lost. Not only does that mean higher unemployment and more people having to claim benefits, it also means that the items that were once made on our own home soil now need to be imported. That’s bad for the economy and bad for the environment when more freight is shipped around the world.

Where at all possible we try to stock goods made right here in Britain. The more baby dresses are manufactured here, the more we’re doing our bit to help the economy recover. Each one we sell is an investment in a secure, stable and profitable manufacturing sector that will provide jobs and good quality textiles in the future.

Because we think you should know when an item is made in the UK, we’ve labelled some of our products with that information. That way you’ve got an extra incentive to pick an item of clothing or homewear that’s manufactured in Britain.

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Winter Warmers: Men’s Gloves and Undies

On certain winter mornings, the cold can make gearing yourself up to go to work seem an unimaginable feat. However, if your wardrobe is adequately equipped, this need no longer be such a daunting task. With specially-designed items such as thermal underwear, body temperature can be kept at a regular, comfortable level, without the restrictive movement that wearing lots of layers or a ridiculously large coat can generate.

Universal Textiles aim to offer stylish, practical and, above all, affordable clothing solutions for winter. Whether for men, for work, whether your job is something office-based or more hands-on, the cold weather can be made bearable and less of a worry. Our company sells men’s gloves and thermal underwear at reasonable prices to keep bodies warm, allowing you to work unhindered in the winter.

Our range of thermal undies is available in several colours for maximum wearability, and can make cold office environments or harsh outdoor temperatures easier for your body to handle by providing an insulating layer close to the skin. Even with a covered torso and legs, the extremities are often left exposed to the chill, but with men’s gloves and men’s socks from our website, all your digits can be protected, allowing for better mobility around the workplace. For trickier tasks, fingerless thermal gloves are also offered, keeping the hands warm but precision at an optimum, too.

There’s no need to be frozen this winter when purchasing a few simple essentials – practically designed and affordably priced – from Universal Textiles can ensure warm bodies and mobility.

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