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Protection in Winter Weather

Planning for Wet Weather in Winter

While many people spend time planning for the icy weather that we expect in winter, there are also the wet days to plan for. Waterproof jackets are one of the best buys for the winter months as there is nothing worse than being outside and getting gradually wetter and wetter. These are often a light option that can be worn over a warmer jacket to keep both the cold and the rain out.

Alternatively, a good umbrella is a good investment. These are ideal for wet days, although they can prove to be something of a challenge on windy days. The stronger the better when it comes to umbrellas, and there are many different types available. Those who spend time at sporting events may prefer a golfing umbrella. These have been designed to easily cover both the player and the golf bag full of clubs; two people can easily take shelter under one of these. Children might prefer the clear ‘dome’ type umbrellas, which means that they fit right over the head to reduce the possibility of being hit by drips or causing damage to somebody with a stray spoke. This type of umbrella will not restrict vision when walking, as it is see-through.

Waterproof hats are essential in winter and the new trapper style hats are ideal for this as many designs have a waterproof outer. These hats have the added benefit of being very fashionable and popular with both young and old.


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