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Choosing Children’s Pyjamas

Some children can really struggle to sleep well, either they will get up and disturb their parents, could wet the bed and be embarrassed or just simply, can’t settle. Well why not give them a head start with some seriously comfortable pyjamas.

Traditional pyjamas consist of jacket and trousers made from soft fabric. Modern style variations include short sleeves or shorts worn instead of trousers. The word derives from a Persian word meaning “leg garment”. They were introduced into England in the 17th Century as lounging attire and in 1870 reappeared as sleeping attire as we know them now.

Our pyjamas come in many styles and designs, with alot of character designs including Bart Simpson and Dora the explorer and everything from fleecy fabrics for winter to summer styles. Have a look at our range here.

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Men’s Football Pyjamas

Deciding what to wear for bed during the summer is fairly easy for women, but for men not quite so much. There is a range of sleepwear designed for football fans that would be ideal on warmer nights. The pyjamas have t-shirt tops with short sleeves and short leg bottoms. Each one has a football logo on it. There is a choice between a Manchester United set that has a black t-shirt top and black shorts. This is available in sizes from small to extra-large. The other Manchester United set has a red t-shirt top with short sleeve and black shorts. For those who would prefer, there is also a Liverpool football club design that has both red t-shirt top and red shorts. Both of these are available in sizes small to extra-large.

Each one of the men’s football club designed pyjama sets are made from 100% cotton. Being a natural fabric this means they allow the skin to breathe on warmer nights keeping the body cool, but are warm on a cooler night too, both of which can help the wearer to get a restful sleep. Being 100% cotton also means the pyjama sets are machine washable, so they are easy to keep clean and can be dried naturally on a washing line or in a tumble drier on a cooler heat setting. When ironing, it is a good idea to turn the top inside out or use a cloth over the design not to cause damage to the design with the hot iron.

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Choosing Children’s Pyjamas and Dressing Gowns

When ensuring that children are warm in winter, it is equally important to make sure that they are warm enough when they are sleeping.  Children’s pyjamas come in a variety of styles and choosing the right ones can keep them cosy and warm at night to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Pyjamas with long sleeved tops and full-length bottoms are ideal for the winter months.  Winter pyjamas are not necessarily thick and fleecy but many styles are now lightweight enough to offer good levels of comfort.  Available designs include many characters from popular culture including Bart Simpson and Thomas the Tank Engine. As these are often made from 100% cotton, it ensures that the child will not get too warm and that the skin can still breathe, helping to control the temperature.

The pyjamas are made to ensure that the child still has freedom of movement.  Children move around while they are asleep and need to feel comfortable even if their nightwear has managed to wrap itself around them.

Before bedtime is another issue and a dressing gown is ideal for keeping the cold at bay, particularly after bath time.  These are often made from 100% polyester, which means that they dry quickly if they get wet and that they have a good thermal rating.  The simplest styles to choose are the wraparound styles with the belt fastening at the waist, as this is easier for young children to fasten themselves.


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