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Stock up on baby clothes in advance


Baby Sleepsuits available at Universal Textiles

If you are preparing to start a family, you might well be feeling a mix of emotions. The prospect can be one of the most exciting and dramatic events in your life and it is likely to have a profound impact on your existence.

Becoming a parent can be a wonderful feeling, but it is important that you prepare thoroughly for the new arrival. After all, it is not easy being a new mum or dad and you are likely to experience fatigue and pressure to begin with.

Therefore, to make your life easier, you should consider stocking up on important items such as baby clothes in advance. If you start purchasing such offerings with a while to go before the birth, you can ensure you have what you need when your child arrives.

Also, this is a good way of spreading the cost. You will feel the financial impact less if you buy the products you need in stages. As well as baby shoes and baby clothing, this applies to other items too, such as the furniture you will need for the nursery.

Of course, you are likely to get some clothes as presents from your loved ones, but you should not rely completely on this.

In order to get your hands on great value baby clothes, you can come to us here at Universal Textiles. We specialise in providing such items at low prices. And the best thing is, in order to get your hands on the offerings, all you need is a spare few minutes and an internet connection.

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Choosing Baby Clothes for Holidays in the Sun

Going away on a sunshine holiday with your baby can be a very exciting time for all concerned. However, packing the right baby clothes is essential to ensuring your little one enjoys their holiday as much as you do.

UV protection

When travelling to sunny climes with a very young child, buying UV protection baby clothing is essential if you think you will be spending quite a bit of time outside. It can also be wise to take several sun hats for your baby so that you will always have a spare to replace any that go missing.

Covering up

Cotton and linen clothes with long sleeves, as well as long trouser leg lengths (or dress lengths), can help to keep your baby comfortably covered if you absolutely have to go out at the hottest times of the day. Clothes with long sleeves/leg lengths can also help to provide protection from insect bites in the evening too.


Body suits and cotton short-sleeved tops can be useful at bedtime as they can help to keep your baby nice and cool. However, if your holiday accommodation has air-conditioning then you may need to have a few sleepsuits at hand to ensure your baby doesn’t feel the chill quite so much. Although air-conditioning can be beneficial for adults, it can be quite uncomfortable for very small children.

Whether you need sun hats or baby sandals, Universal Textiles is a one-stop shop for all your baby clothing needs.

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Summer Baby Clothes

Children who are born in the summer months really need very little in the way of baby clothes to begin with. The main things which need to be considered when thinking about summer baby clothing are whether fabrics are soft and breathable enough, and whether designs offer ease of access to make tasks such as nappy changing easier.

Newborn babies often have a propensity to move their limbs quite enthusiastically as they are still not entirely in control of their own movements. It normally takes a few weeks for this to subside, so you need to make sure any clothes you buy at this stage allow a good degree of movement. Nappy changing is also going to be a frequent necessity around this time so buying baby clothing like bodysuits and sleepsuits can help to speed up this enviable task with their easy access poppers.

Newborn babies’ sleep patterns can often be erratic in the summer months, as they are new to the world and of course aren’t used to the concept of fluctuating temperatures. Although sleepsuits are fine to use when summer nights are a little cooler, a bodysuit in conjunction with a light sheet can often be a better choice for the season. You may also want to invest in a number of sleeveless vest cardigans and sweatpants in soft, breathable fabrics to help deal with extended periods of warm weather.

For everything from baby booties to sleep suits, browse our great range here at Universal Textiles.

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Winter Baby Clothes

Baby Winter Coat available at Universal Textiles

Children born in the winter need to have baby clothes which can easily be layered. At this time of the year, babies need to be kept cosy without getting over-heated in the clothes they wear. Two of the best baby clothing options to achieve this are body suits and sleepsuits

Body Suits

Body suits can be very useful for babies to wear in the winter months. A body suit is always handy because some of them have long sleeves while some have short, but all of them cover your baby’s tummy and keep them warm, which is the most important thing.


Newborn babies can be kept nice and snug in the winter by wearing complete sleepsuits. It is tempting to buy sleepsuits which are a bit too big in the belief that your baby will grow into them but all that will achieve is having leg lengths which are far too long. This can create complications when your baby is trying to move so be sure to buy sleepsuits which are a suitable size.

One of the most convenient aspects of using sleepsuits in the winter is that you can easily transfer your baby straight to bed without having to change them or wake them. However, if your baby remains in a sleepsuit at night-time, it is best not to put them into a sleeping bag as this can sometimes result in them being too hot.

Universal Textiles – for the very best in baby clothing and baby shoes.

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The Right Baby Sleepsuit

When picking out baby clothes for your child, sleepwear might not be at the top of the list, but don’t overlook it. The time your child spends sleeping every night, and even napping during the day as well, makes sleepwear the piece of clothing that just might see the most use. When considering what to send your child to bed in, think about the weather, his or her tendencies or preferences, and how frequently they wake during the night. At an especially young age, the answer to these questions might be dressing them in snug baby clothing such as a sleepsuit to help them rest more comfortably.

As an infant, your child is likely to wake up during the night more often than not. Sometimes this is because they are uncomfortable, can’t sleep, or need changing. But these problems can be avoided or lessened by ensuring they are in the proper baby wear.

A sleepsuit with legs and long sleeves can ensure your child is warm and snug when the weather is taking on a chill edge. If the weather is heating up, sleepsuits without legs or arms can give your child the comfortable freedom they want, while still keeping them covered. Most baby sleepsuits also have the added advantage of a flap at the bottom, for the ability to change your child quickly and easily.

There are many styles and designs available, with some even incorporating an entire sleep set into one. Think about what will best suit your child’s sleep patterns, as well as your own needs for your baby’s clothes.

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Budget Baby Clothes And Essential Accessories

When baby arrives, it’s easy to feel like he or she needs the best of the best where every item is concerned. This is not really the case, and by budget shopping on certain items some of that valuable cash will be freed up. After all, university is only eighteen or so short years away!

The fact is that babies need very little other than their mothers straight away – nappies, some baby clothes, a warm blanket, cot (bypass the expense of a crib or bassinette), car seat, and a few other peripherals.

Re-usable nappies are a great idea, as this is the most environmentally-sound option and can save you hundreds of pounds a year.

Baby wear should include some baby sleepsuits, babygrows, warm outside suit, hat and booties. A warm blanket is essential even in the summer months. Breathable materials are best for baby’s clothes and blankets, even in winter, as they allow moisture to escape whilst keeping baby warm and comfortable. Our “Baby Cellular 100% Cotton Cot Blanket” is 100% cotton (the best breathable material around!) allergy-free and a fantastic bargain.

Some items of baby wear, for example, baby bibs, are a great area to be thrifty on simply because there is no point in spending tons of cash on a piece of fabric that catches food (and other unmentionables!) Baby bibs tend to come in multi-packs to compensate for their constant use. All the baby bibs on in our online store are absorbent and machine washable.

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How To Prolong The Life Of Baby Clothes

With the current economic climate making baby clothes last longer has become even more important. As your baby will grow very quickly in the early years of their life, baby wear will always have a very short life span. To get the most out of baby clothes, parents need to look after them and care for them properly. If you follow these tips correctly, you may even be able to use them for other babies you may have in the future.

Baby sleepsuits can last longer if you cut off the feet at the bottom. This means your baby will be able to keep on growing for a while longer before you have to buy a bigger size. Likewise, you can cut the arms and legs off a winter sleepsuit to make a summer sleepsuit.

If your little girl or boy has grown out of their trousers, cut the leg and make them into shorts. In the same way, cut the arms off jackets to make a waistcoat for your baby.

To get the most out of baby wear, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the label when washing clothes. If you follow the advice on the label, the baby booties and clothes will last longer as the manufacturers have spent a lot of time testing the fabrics and know how to get the best out of them. However popping the clothes in the washing machine may not always be the best option. If your baby has only stained their clothes slightly in one or two isolated spots, use a damp cloth to dab them clean.

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Stylish Baby Clothes

Everyone wants their baby to be dressed in the cutest and most stylish baby clothes. This has become even more apparent in today’s image obsessed world. But how do you know what baby clothes to choose when you are expecting?

Baby shoes are often given to new parents as presents. It is best to buy them in neutral pastel colours if you do not know whether the baby is going to be a little boy or girl. Pink baby shoes look cute on girls, while blue baby shoes will look adorable on little boys. But a safe bet is to choose white, cream or lemon coloured baby shoes.

New parents will also receive or buy baby sleepsuits. Although you may want it to look stylish, like all the other baby wear, the most important thing here is comfort. You do not want your baby overheating during the night. Likewise your baby will not be happy if they are too cold. This will keep you and baby up all night. So choose a baby playsuit in a comfortable material which will help your baby’s skin breathe.

Regardless of whether baby clothes are stylish or not, the clothes need to be easy to put on and need to wash well. Babies will go through several clothes a day so it is important they will withstand the test of time when going through the wash. Elasticated waist bands are also useful as are socks without shaped heels. Your baby will be able to keep wearing them as they grow.

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How To Keep Your Baby Warm

No-one likes to be cold, and in regards to babies, rather than being merely an inconvenience the cold can represent a real danger. However, without wanting to be scare mongers, keeping your baby warm in winter is fairly easy!

Nights are usually colder than the day, and therefore it is during the night that babies and infants will be most vulnerable to the cold. With this in mind, it is important that your baby has enough warm bedding, and that ideally your baby is kitted out in baby wear such as sleepsuits!

Baby wear, including sleepsuits, optimise your baby’s comfort are also designed to keep your baby warm. Therefore a sleepsuit in conjunction with warm bedding practically guarantees that your baby will remain warm through the night.

Whilst babies would probably love to stay in their sleepsuits throughout the day, unfortunately  this isn’t practical, and staying warm in the day time will require some other items of baby wear. for example, in the winter months winter baby shoes are a fantastic way to ensure that your little one stays nice and toast!

Along with baby shoes, you could also deck out your baby in woolly hats or a good pair of woolen mittens, which will give your baby a comforting experience as well as giving them extra protection from the cold.

Of course keeping your baby warm is a very serious matter, however this doesn’t mean that your baby shoes, hats and other items can’t be stylish – and at Universal Textiles you can find great baby clothes that aren’t only practical by stylish, too.

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Give Your Baby A Great Night’s Sleep With Baby Sleepsuits

Although babies often sleep a lot, they rarely do it when we want them to. Night time feeds, changes and cries are all too common, but if you want to increase the chance of them (and you) getting a good night’s sleep, it’s a good idea to invest in baby sleepsuits.

Theoretically, the more comfortable a baby is, the longer they’ll sleep for. This often comes down to how often they need changing or feeding, but what they’re wearing could also come into play. T-shirts are easy to get tangled up in, particularly for babies, so having all-in-one baby sleepsuits instead could be just what you both need.

Baby sleepsuits are warm, comfortable and they keep your baby safe and secure. They’re made of soft materials and are particularly easy to sleep in as there’s no chance of them coming undone, falling down or becoming entangled, so would be perfect for babies who move around a lot. They’re also easier for you too, with a lot of them coming with handy popper designs to make changing the nappy a breeze.

So, to give you baby a great night’s sleep, make sure to invest in baby wear like sleepsuits. They’re cosy and comfortable and mean that your baby won’t be waking up due to lack of comfort, and you can be confident that they’re happy as they sleep. And, if you’re in need of a few more sleepsuits, make sure to come to us here at Universal Textiles to check out our fantastic range.

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