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Universal Textiles Donates to the YMCA!

FredFinnYMCA MattWith the help of Fred Finn, the World’s Most Travelled Man, Universal Textiles spread the gift of warmth this winter, donating thousands of pieces of thermal clothing and hats to vulnerable and homeless young people supported by national youth charity, YMCA.

Fred Finn, who has visited 141 countries and travelled over 15 million miles, flew in especially to handover the thermal clothing, swap tips and share experiences with young residents from City YMCA London. With the help of Universal Textiles, Fred will be distributing 1,500 free hats and premium FLOSO thermals totalling £8250 to young people at YMCAs throughout the country.

Having worn Thermals from Universal Textiles for years Fred swears by them, saying:

“The trick to surviving the cold is to wrap up warm and wear more layers. Far too many people overlook the benefits something as simple as putting on an extra layer of thermals. The FLOSO thermals have probably saved my life on many occasions in many different countries where temperatures would otherwise been unbearable.”

With the cost of heating our homes rising and the ever more unpredictable weather, Fred and Universal Textiles hope to spread the word about the under-appreciated benefits of thermal clothing. This is an issue recognised by Suzi Browne, spokesperson for YMCA England, who states:

“Christmas and the winter months can be particularly difficult for those who are sleeping rough or in low income homes and unable to afford the rising costs of heating. We are very grateful to Fred Finn and Universal Textiles for their kind donation, which will be distributed via YMCA services and drop in centres to those who need it most.”

See the links below to just some of the YMCA centres who benefitted from Universal Textiles’ donation.





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Buy Thermal Underwear to Keep You Warm

Thermal underwear is a protective type of clothing that insulates your body by helping you preserve body heat. Thermal underwear is not just worn by outdoor and winter sports enthusiasts; it can also be used by those who simply want to keep extra warm during the winter, making them wardrobe must-haves. There are certain factors to consider when buying thermal underwear for winter:

• Check the thickness and weight of the underwear. Buy the right thermal underwear according to the activity or conditions that you’re going to use them for. Thicker underwear is recommended if you’re not going to be moving a lot, such as when you’re indoors or just going out for errands.
• Check the material and look for “wicking,” which means moisture spreads out and dries quickly, preventing you from getting cold. Look for materials that make the underwear easier to wash and dry, such as a combination of nylon, wool, and spandex.
• Check for odour-control properties. Avoid polypropylene, which tends to retain sweat and moisture, causing a bad smell.
• Thermal underwear must fit snugly and comfortably. Choose underwear with stretching seams so you won’t feel like it’s restricting your movement.
• Go for thermal underwear with ankle seams and neat cuffs so that they don’t ride up when worn, and a soft, neat, and comfortable neckline that can prevent moisture and stop drafts.
• Consider buying thermal underwear with long torsos to protect areas of your body where your bladder and kidney are located.

Some types of thermal underwear might be a bit pricey, but it’s better to invest on high-quality thermal underwear that is resilient and can be worn several times. Good thermal wear saves you money in the long run and ensures that you stay warm all throughout winter.


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Winter Survival Kits

Winter Kit Banner Blog VersionGet ready for the Cold Snap with Universal Textiles’ Winter Survival Kits.

With the temperatures set to plummet, we have put together a collection of low cost Survival Kits to help you through the cold.

Kits include Thermal Underwear, Gloves, Hats, Scarves, Fleeces, Jackets, Socks, High-Visibilty Vests and Bags.

To view the full Survival Kits and read more about the products and upcoming weather, click here.


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Storing Items for Next Winter

Most of us have drawers full of bulky winter clothing. As spring approaches and the weather becomes milder, we will find ourselves using them less and less.  As this happens, we need to think about putting them away to keep them for next year.  Items need to be stored properly in order to prevent them being eaten by pests or suffering from damp conditions.  After having taken care of them all winter, it would be a shame to find that they are unusable next winter.

Woollen items such as scarves, hats, and winter gloves will all be susceptible to pests such as moths. Wrapping them in tissue paper and storing them with mothballs can be one way in which to prevent this.  Leather gloves can be wrapped in cloth too in order to help to keep them in the best condition.  Men’s and ladies thermal underwear should not just be pushed to the back of the drawer so that the summer items can sit at the front.  Opt for storage bags that can be sealed to prevent insects and moisture getting in.

In order to prevent damp, storage areas need to be kept well ventilated.  If possible, items should not be packed too tightly together.  This will allow the air to circulate.  Using silica gel in the area can also help to keep damp away from items.  For items which are to be stored in drawers, adding a sweet smelling bar of soap can help to keep the items smelling fresh throughout the year.


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Getting Out and About in Winter

One thing we all need is fresh air.  There are times when we simply cannot stay cooped up in the house, no matter how bad the weather, but getting out and about is difficult if we cannot face the cold.  This is when it is worthwhile to have the right garments to help keep the cold out.  If we venture out into the cold without the help of thermal underwear and other winter weather items, we risk becoming extremely cold and requiring hours to warm up again properly.

There is a vast range of both men’s and ladies thermal underwear available.  This type of garment works by ‘wicking’, which means keeping the damp of perspiration away from the skin so that it does not dry on the skin and become cold.  However, it does not make the garment wet or cold.  Most of the thermal underwear available has been created from a blend of synthetic fibres that allow quick drying and therefore give the underwear a better thermal rating.

Add to this a good winter hat, scarf, and gloves and anybody is ready to venture outdoors.  Winter may not be the most appealing time of year for most people but there is still plenty to do outdoors whether walking the dog, taking the children to the park or just wandering around the shops.  A mantra for winter should be ‘think thermal’ so we can all enjoy this beautiful season.


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Buying Now for Next Winter

This might seem like a strange thing to do, particularly given that parts of the country are still suffering very cold temperatures, but now is a good time to stock up on various winter items for next year.  The end of the winter season means that retailers are thinking about their summer stock and there are many bargains to be found among the winter items, such as thermal socks for men, women and children as well as the wide range of winter thermal underwear for people of all ages.

A good retailer will stock these items all year round anyway and will ensure that the customer gets good value for money all the time, but putting a few items away now for use next year means that nobody is caught out when the cold temperatures suddenly descend with little warning.  Thermal items such as socks, hats, gloves, and underwear can make all the difference when trying to keep the cold out and for many people they should be essential, rather than an optional extra.

These are relatively small items and can easily be stored for next year.  Now is also a good time to check existing items.  After a winter of use, socks may have developed holes and there will be some wear and tear on some items.  With the good prices available on these and other winter garments, replacing them will not cost a fortune and will be a good investment in advance of next winter.


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Dressing for a Sudden Cold Spell

One of the things we have become aware of in the UK is that our weather is very unpredictable.  Mild spells can very suddenly turn into cold spells, and a day with great sunshine does not necessarily mean that we will not get a downpour.  Being prepared for the colder weather is essential.

Stocking up on cold weather essentials is one of the best ways to be prepared.  There is a wide range of both men’s and ladies’ thermal underwear available now and it is not expensive to add a few items to the wardrobe just in case.  A thermal t-shirt is an excellent choice for wearing under a sweater or shirt, just to keep the chill at bay and these are available in a range of sizes for people of all ages.  Team these with the thermal long johns or long janes, and even arctic temperatures will not be able to get through.

Thermal socks are always a welcome addition to the wardrobe as there is nothing worse than cold feet. As these come in a variety of colours and styles they can be used as school socks for children and are perfect for wearing with boots in the wetter weather.

Opting for thermal items during the winter months can mean the difference between simply coping in the cold weather and getting through it comfortably – and comfortable is the one thing we should all be aiming for when planning our winter wardrobes.



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Winter Garments for the Entire Family

Every member of the family needs to be wrapped up against the cold in winter, and in the UK, we can never be sure what type of weather we are going to get.  Even in a mild winter, there are cold snaps and we need to be prepared with a variety of winter woollies, warm and waterproof jackets, and thermal underwear to give us added protection without making us look as though we are wearing multiple layers of clothes.

The range of thermal underwear that is available is suitable for everyone.  There are styles that have been specifically designed for girls, boys, and adults.  It is a good idea to make sure that the elderly members of the family have thermal underwear, as they can often feel the cold much more intensely than younger individuals can and will benefit from wearing it when going out.  Thermal underwear works by preventing moisture from drying and cooling on the skin.  For this reason, most types of thermal underwear are made from a blend of synthetic fibres.  This ensures that they keep their shape, dry quickly and are soft and comfortable to wear.  Styles that have no side seams are perfect as there will be no chafing on the skin.

Add to this the men’s and ladies thermal socks, hats, gloves and scarves, and every member of the family is ready to face the cold weather.  For days when it is wet as well as cold, Wellington boots and umbrellas are essential.



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