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Choosing Umbrellas

With the British summer now adopting its usual unpredictable form, you may have found yourself caught in the rain more than once in recent times. Here at Universal Textiles we’re prepared for whatever the summer has to throw at us, which is why we have a brilliant range of Umbrellas available for you. With newsletter subscribers receiving an extra 15% off all our Umbrellas from Monday, now is the time to prepare yourself for the summer showers! Here we take a look at just a few on offer.

First up is this Black Walking Umbrella. With a stylish wooden handle, this automatic Umbrella is made from premium pongee fabric. It has a span of 110cm, making it ideal for sheltering you from the rain as well as offering some respite from the sun if we experience another heatwave!

If the style of the previous Umbrella appeals to you, but you are looking for something a little more feminine, this Ladies Panel Walking Umbrella would be perfect. Made from the same high quality fabric, the umbrella is adorned with panelling in four shades of pink or blue, depending on your preference.

Next, an Umbrella which is particularly apt for the British summer. The Small Union Jack Umbrella is perfect for popping in your handbag or rucksack, meaning you’ll be prepared for any unexpected turns in the weather. It ties up and has a retractable handle which makes it lightweight and easy to transport.

Another mini umbrella that has proved popular with our customers is the Ladies Animal Print Supermini Umbrella. This stylish and compact design offers all the benefits of a compact umbrella and comes with its own cover.

Next, an Umbrella well suited to the summer months. The Ladies Wedding Umbrella looks almost more fitting sheltering one from the sun as it does the rain. The cream Umbrella with its frill trim and white handle cuts a striking and elegant design, making it perfect for more than just weddings.

We also stock a great range of Children’s Umbrellas, which will keep them dry and entertained. The Kids Fun Design Pop-Up Umbrella is a bestseller throughout the year. The three unique designs are adorned with a cat, superhero and princess, with ears and a crown above their respective Umbrellas. They’re lightweight and have a span of 70cm making them easy for your child to carry.

Lastly, the Kids Animal Design Umbrella comes in an even greater variety of designs. From a duck with an extending beak to a crocodile with external scales, these novelty and durable Umbrellas will entertain for quite some time.

To view our full range of Umbrellas, click here.

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Choosing An Umbrella

There is one essential that everyone should have in their car or handbag or by their front door… an umbrella. Due to the unpredictable English weather you never know when you might be caught short in a rain shower so having an umbrella to hand means you can keep dry when you’re out and about. The word umbrella derives from the Latin “umbra” which means shadow and ancient forms including palm leaves, but these days there are many to choose from and they come in a myriad of colour and designs.

Classic umbrellas, the typical style, offer a big canopy to shelter from the rain and are strong and sturdy. They feature a U shaped handle for comfort and are usually made from plastic or canvas.
Compact umbrellas are more light and portable than traditional umbrellas and perfect for popping into a handbag. Although they may not be as strong as traditional umbrellas they have the advantage of being light and still keeping the rain out of your hair.

Bubble umbrellas are clear semi-circled shaped, mostly in clear plastic or vinyl and can feature a quirky design. These are popular with children as they can also feature characters from their favourite TV show or film. Bubble umbrellas have the advantage that they tend to cover your shoulders offering you even more protection.

Browse our range of umbrellas here and find the right style for you.

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