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Wellington boots

Choosing Children’s Footwear

At Universal Textiles, newsletter subscribers will receive an extra 15% off our extensive range of footwear this week. Having discussed Men’s and Women’s footwear in recent posts, here we take a look at some of the Kid’s Footwear available to purchase from our online store.

These Hi-Tec Girls Trainers are a high quality pair of durable sports shoes. The sole has excellent grip, making it ideal for all sports surfaces both indoor and out. The lightweight and breathable mesh fabric of the shoe helps keep feet cool and comfortable, whilst the trainers have a stylish silver and pink design.

Perfect for indoor PE lessons and casual wearing, we have these Velcro Plimsolls from Mirak. The white plimsolls are suited to both boys and girls, with strong velcro fastening for a secure fit. The thick rubber soles offer durability and the shoes are easy to clean.

The Macadam Boys Leather Shoes are ideal for formal occasions and as school shoes. Featured is the Bournemouth design of Macadam’s collection, a slip-on leather shoe. Designed with stitching accents and a metal bar across the tongue, the shoe has a small heel for further definition.

Whether for cold winters at home or holidays in the snow, the Mirak Girls Warmlined Boots are great for staying warm. Just one item in our extensive collection of children’s winter wear, the warmlined boots are waterproof and have a synthetic shell offering protection. The adjustable pull tie at the top of the boots helps maintain heat whilst also preventing ice and snow entering the boot if required. Available in two colours, these shoes are a winter must have.

We stock several varieties of Dunlop Wellington Boots for adults and children including the Dunlop Kids Sports Wellington Boots. Made to the high standard one expects from Dunlop, these waterproof PVC wellingtons are durable and adorned with the Dunlop logo. Perfect for staying dry and warm in the wet and cold months, many of our customers trust Dunlop wellingtons throughout the year, join them by purchasing a pair today.

Finally, from our kid’s sportswear section we have these Mirak Velcro Moulded Football/Rugby Boots. The two touch velcro straps make the boots both secure and comfortable. The boots have man-made moulded soles which provide them with excellent grip regardless of the quality of playing surface. The boots have a stitching design and come in black and silver.

To view our full selection of Children’s Footwear, click here.

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Choosing Wellington Boots

Wellington boots are essential right now! With so much mud and rain, wellies are perfect to stop your other shoes getting ruined. They were worn and popularised by Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington, where the name comes from.

Wellington boots are water proof and are usually made from rubber or PVC, they are ideal when walking on wet or muddy ground, for example dog walks, festivals or farmland and protect the wearer from muck and puddles. The traditional green wellington boots were introduced in 1955 and Paddington Bear is recognisable by his red wellies.

We stock the typical green wellington along with funky styles for women and children, such as polka dot for girls and cow print for women. We also stock wellington boot socks, which are extra-long, ideal for pairing with your wellies and keeping your foot and calf nice and warm.

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The Benefits of Wellington Boots

Wellington boots are something that most of us have had at one time or another and for the same reason – to keep our feet nice and dry on the wettest of days.  However, they are also useful when it is not raining.  Anyone who has to walk a dog every day knows that even when it has not rained for a few days, paths can still be muddy.  Wellingtons are the best way to keep feet dry.

Made from durable and moulded plastic, wellington boots are designed to cover not just the foot, but the ankle and calf as well.  This ensures that trouser legs can be tucked into them and the wearer does not have the problem of them getting wet as they are too close to the floor.   These are particularly useful for children, especially when there are plenty of puddles to be splashing in.

After a cold snap, wellington boots are an essential as the ground begins to thaw, leading to mud everywhere.  Wearing ordinary shoes and trainers is useless when accidentally putting a foot into a deep puddle.  The last thing anyone needs is a shoe full of mud and water.

Most styles of wellington boot now have a good thick sole on them with a good grip – ideal for icy and wetter weather and most now have a quality lining included in the foot area.  This means that they will also help to keep the foot warm and when teamed with thermal socks are ideal for winter.


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