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Winter Gloves

Children’s Gloves – Must Have Winter Items for Protection Against Cold

Your kids can bravely take on the snow with the right children’s winter gloves. Keep their hands toasty when the temperatures drop by shopping for gloves that blend style with function.

Children’s winter gloves come in a variety of colours, materials, fits, and styles, from cosy little mittens to thermal insulated gloves. It makes sense to buy multiple pairs every year or so, as kids tend to wear out and soil their gloves fast.

Your children will have no trouble building snowmen in gloves that protect their hands and allow complete mobility. Your job as a parent is to look for gloves with stretch. Those with articulated finger designs are ideal especially for older children, as it allows the fingers to move, grip, and bend easily. Does your child like to stay active during the winter, enjoying snow sports? Then gloves that are designed with grip palms for better traction are best.

The warmest winter gloves for freezing temperatures are constructed with three layers for maximum warmth. The gloves should have (1) an outer shell that is waterproof, (2) a great insulation layer, and a lining with moisture-management features. When it gets really cold, you want to make sure that your children’s gloves have elasticized wrists to keep the warmth in and the wind out. The elastic also ensures that their gloves stay on their hands as they play and go about their day.

Will you be taking your kids with you on a ski holiday? Then they need special gear. For added warmth in the snowy slopes, choose children’s gloves with waterproof outer shells (not just water-resistant, but waterproof). You should also choose ski gloves made with quick-drying fabrics. The best ski gloves are ergonomic, with a pre-curved fit that feel more natural on the hands.

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Premium Winter Gloves

As Winter Clothing Specialists, here at Universal Textiles we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality range of cold weather clothing. This includes our excellent selection of Winter Gloves. With an extra 50% off many of our gloves (plus further discounts for newsletter subscribers next week), there has never been a better time to stock up on these winter essentials.

Gloves make up a key part of the premium FLOSO range of Winter Clothing, available exclusively from Universal Textiles in the UK. This high quality winter clothing is made to provide the ultimate warmth and comfort. Made with the latest in thermal technologies allowing for the maintenance of warmth and the removal of moisture, a great example of this is the FLOSO Men’s Thermal Thinsulate Knitted Winter Gloves.

Due to the high quality of our gloves, they can be worn for sustained periods in the coldest of conditions. The FLOSO Padded Thermal Ski Gloves are one such pair. Great for winter sports and outdoor working, they have an adjustable Velcro strap for a more secure fit. Suited to all conditions, the gloves are waterproof and also have gripped palms.

For a sharper looking glove equally suited to the commute and weekend walks in the country, we have the FLOSO Men’s Thinsulate Lined Genuine Leather Gloves. Made from quality sheep skin leather, these warm lined gloves are both warm and comfortable.

We also stock a choice of Fingerless Gloves, including these Ladies Fingerless Magic Gloves. Magic Gloves are made to stretch to the size of the wearer’s hand, always providing the perfect fit. These extremely warm gloves come in three striped designs and have grip to provide more security in icy conditions.

Magic Gloves are also ideal for kids, growing with them and saving you a few pennies! These Boys Football Design Magic Gloves are a great example of this. In three fun designs, they are great for running around the sports field this winter or keeping warm on days out.

Lastly we have these Girls Capped Fingerless Patterned Gloves. Capped Gloves are a brilliantly versatile winter garment, able to be worn as both fingerless gloves and mittens. The chunky knit patterned gloves are lovely and warm and would make a great accessory for the winter.

To view our full selection of Men’s, Women’s and Children’s Gloves, follow the links.

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Winter Gloves with Palm Grips

One of the worst things about having to wear gloves so often during the winter months is that they can make everyday tasks so much harder.  It can be difficult to grip on to anything and the constant removing of gloves when in shops and such can make wearing them seem like a pointless exercise.  Opting for gloves with a palm grip can help to resolve this problem.

On some gloves, the grip on the palm can seem to be like the small bead-type sole of a slipper sock.  This ensures when holding an item that may slip such as an umbrella or bag handle, there is better traction and it becomes easier to grip.  The grip on some styles of glove extends also to the fingers, ensuring that tasks such as handling change become a little easier too.  The ‘magic’ gloves that are made to one size and which stretch to fit all are also available with a palm grip.

Winter gloves with a palm grip are also available as a padded style or a knitted version.  These gloves are created from synthetic fibres such as polyester, which dries well in damp weather and which is ideal for making waterproof gloves.  Woollen gloves are generally made from acrylic, which is also a synthetic fibre and which feels like real wool.  The benefit of both materials is that they are very cost effective to manufacture and therefore they can be used to make inexpensive garments.


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Children’s Winter Gloves – Choosing the Right Pair

Convincing children to wear gloves in winter is a challenging task, but keeping their hands warm is essential, particularly for very young children.  For young children, the solution is mittens. Mittens are easy to put on, but they limit the hand’s movement and it can be hard for the child to grip drinks and other items.

One option for children’s winter gloves is the thermal fleece glove.  Fleece is a very soft fabric created from synthetic fibres.  It is used for cold weather garments and is designed to recreate the effects of wool.  The fabric can be produced at very little cost to manufacturers resulting in a lower cost to consumers for the garment. This is ideal for children’s gloves, because if there is one item each year that a child is bound to lose, it is at least one of their gloves. Now replacing them will be inexpensive.  The fleece glove is also available with a palm grip.

Children’s winter gloves are available in a wide range of styles and colours. Padded thermal ski gloves are perfect for children who like to be out playing in the cold and snow. The gloves are water resistant, so they are ideal for snowball fights.  These have a high thermal rating for wearing on even the coldest days. The gloves are fashionable enough for both boys and girls to be happy to be seen wearing them.

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Winter Gloves for Kids

Keeping a child warm when going outside in winter is made easier with gloves. Children’s gloves come in all colours and styles so even the fussiest child is sure to find something they like from the collection. Winter gloves for kids come in several different designs, including padded thermal gloves suitable for extremely cold days or even skiing trips. The grip on the palms of the gloves makes holding things while wearing them easier, although they are not too bulky as to make movement difficult.

There are styles to suit both boys and girls, and even newborn baby mittens. The camouflage print thermal gloves might be the perfect addition for the young Action Man, because the fleecy fabric means they are lightweight and not bulky while still very warm. Little girls, however, will probably prefer the same style in pink or purple. The newborn baby mittens are made of a very soft fabric that can be worn by the baby all day. Not only will they help to keep the baby warm, they will also prevent the baby from accidently scratching himself. The elasticated wristbands prevent the baby from removing them.

Choosing winter gloves for kids can be made easier by buying Magic gloves. Magic gloves are ideal for the child who is growing rapidly. Magic gloves appear to be very small but will fit almost any child-sized hand. There is no need to worry that the child will grow out of them too soon either as they stretch to fit.

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How to Choose Ladies Winter Gloves

Ladies winter gloves are the ideal way to finish off an outfit when the weather turns colder.  They do not have to be viewed as purely functional items and can be matched to hats and scarves as well as coats in order to add a stylish touch to the overall image.

The primary and most practical option is the woollen winter glove.  These come in a range of colours and designs. Fortunately, these are available at a very low price, so it is possible to have several pairs that can be matched to different outfits.  This type of glove has a good thermal rating and is ideal for wearing when you are out doing everyday tasks such as shopping or walking the dog.

However, these types of ladies winter gloves are not always practical for carrying out other tasks such as fishing change out of a purse or driving.  For these and other tasks, it might be worth opting for a fingerless glove, which does the job of keeping the hand warm while allowing more freedom of movement.  For those who want a pair that will do both, the capped fingerless glove has a cover that can be folded over the fingers and then simply removed when more grip is required.

Driving gloves are the ideal choice for those on the move as they are specifically designed to allow the driver to grip the steering wheel and keep the hand warm at the same time.

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How to Choose Men’s Winter Gloves

An essential wardrobe item in winter is a pair of winter gloves.  The available range of men’s winter gloves now offers a great deal more choice than ever before. There are gloves that will suit a variety of situations.

Tasks inevitably need to be completed outside of the house in the cold weather. Gloves should be worn but they can get in the way, making it more difficult to finish the job.  The solution to this is the thermal fingerless glove.  The hand is kept sufficiently warm for the task to be carried out comfortably with greater freedom of movement.

However, sometimes the fingerless gloves will not suffice.  Those who enjoy walking in the fresh air might prefer the padded thermal gloves, which have a palm grip.  This allows certain tasks to be carried out as the grip makes it easier to hold on to things but does not expose the skin to the air.  For example, these gloves are ideal for those who want to stay warm while simply walking the dog.

Sometimes, a smarter pair of men’s winter gloves is needed.  The men’s leather gloves come in a gift box, making them the ideal present for Christmas or a birthday.  These are black and come in two sizes options – medium to large or large to extra large.  These attractive gloves are hard wearing and designed to last for a number of years. They are a gift that will be truly appreciated.

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Choosing the Right Children’s Winter Gloves

It is quite difficult to get children to wear gloves in winter.  Some children may want to appear tough, while others simply will not wear gloves they deem unfashionable.  The range of gloves that are now available means that children can have different gloves for different activities.

Children’s winter gloves are available with palm grips, so those who want to go out in the snow and ice will not only be warm but they will be able to safely hold bags, sports equipment and other items.  Fabrics used include fleece and these have an excellent thermal rating.  Prices begin from just a few pounds so ensuring that children have winter gloves for all eventualities is easy and affordable.

The magic gloves are a good option for children in winter, particularly if you have difficulty encouraging your child to wear gloves in the first place.  These come in fingerless and full-fingered options. Because they are ‘one size fits all’, there are no errors in choosing the right size.

The range of children’ winter gloves include a variety of colour and design options.  Boys may prefer the camouflage style gloves or go for darker colours, while the girls may be happier with the brighter colours and fabrics, such as chenille, which can be matched to outfits.  Some of the gloves have a rubber print design on the back of the hand, making them durable and practical.  All gloves are machine washable and easy to care for.

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Buying Guide to Women’s Winter Gloves

Women’s winter gloves need to be functional yet stylish. Many women prefer to wear colour coordinated clothing and like their accessories to match as well. The fingerless versions are ideal for those who have to work with their hands as they offer additional freedom of movement. Padded gloves such as the ski gloves may give added comfort in their bulk, but as some people may find these a little restrictive, the thinner versions may be more appropriate.

Women’s winter gloves come in a variety of materials. Leather gloves can be elegant at the same time as being very warm; however, some people prefer the feeling of the fleece or the knitted materials on their hands, which for some helps to create the feeling of warmth.

The padded ski gloves tend to have the higher thermal rating so are perfect for those who are solely looking for warmth while wearing them. They are also very reasonably priced, starting at just a few pounds per pair. However, these are not the only style of women’s winter gloves available that have a high thermal rating and which are not expensive. Therefore, it is possible to combine quality and practicality with a smaller budget.

One might assume that fingerless gloves would have a lower thermal rating; however, this is not the case. They are available in a range of styles and fabrics, and those that have extra grip are ideal for use as driving gloves. Buying gloves that come with a matching scarf can also help to add the finishing touch to any winter wardrobe.

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Buying Guide for Men’s Winter Gloves

Gloves are an essential item during the winter months and the type needed will depend on the activity.  For some winter sports, padded gloves that have a palm grip are the perfect choice.  They also have an adjustable strap that can be altered to suit, making them comfortable for all wearers.  However, for wearers who need to be working out of doors, the thermal fingerless gloves are a good option.  These allow freedom of movement so that money, mobile phones, and other items can be handled without the need to remove the glove.

Thermal micro fleece gloves are ideal for those who want the benefits of a thermal glove but in a lightweight fabric.  The gloves are machine washable and available in a wide range of colours.  The same fabric is used for fingerless men’s winter gloves.  Those who are not convinced by a lightweight fabric can opt for the heavy knit version instead.  These are acrylic and have an excellent thermal rating making them ideal for those very cold days in the middle of winter.

Men’s winter gloves are also available in a variety of fabrics including leather and suede as well as man-made fibres.  Leather gloves are available with different lining fabrics such as fleece for added comfort and warmth.  For a traditional look, there are knitted styles in a variety of colours and designs that are perfect for those who are simply using them when out walking on cooler days.

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